Game Day Appetizers

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  • We’re celebrating the Super Bowl at home this year, but don’t expect me to sit on the sidelines when it comes to all of the great eats! We’re making a feast – on appetizers! Is there any other way to enjoy the big game? Earlier this week I shared my favorite game day dip recipes, but that’s only half of the equation. There are plenty of game day appetizers I look forward to enjoying as well!

    Truffle Mac & Cheese - amazing as an entree or as a side!

    Game day is a great excuse for Truffle Mac & Cheese. It’s great as an entrée or side & who doesn’t love a little mac & cheese?

    Steak & Blue Cheese Sliders | a favorite game day recipe

    Steak sliders  are easy to make & serve! These incredible sliders are always a touchdown with guests!

    easy garlic parmesan popcorn {gluten free}

    Who said recipes have to be complicated to taste gourmet? This garlic parmesan popcorn recipe is an easy enhancement to traditional popcorn with just a few basic ingredients!

    Pop your popcorn in bacon grease & you'll get a slightly salty & flavorful popcorn everyone will be talking about!

    Bacon is the perfect way to add a little salt & flavor to your popcorn. Toss those microwave packets aside & enjoy fresh popcorn the way it should be made. It’s a game changer!

    Bacon & Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms - an easy & amazing appetizer

    Bacon & cream cheese stuffed mushrooms are fun & tasteful hors d’oeuvres that are irresistibly popable!

    Easy & amazing bacon wrapped little smokies recipe - a game day favorite

    Bacon wrapped little smokies are a must have classic. You know everyone will be asking for this recipe!

    ham & cheese sliders

    Ham & cheese sliders are not only amazing, but a quick way to serve a lot of guests.

    Game day dessert - football shaped truffles!

    Dessert? There’s always room for dessert, especially creamy peanut butter & chocolate truffles.

    Which recipe are you looking forward to trying?

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