Dill Dip

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  • Classic, flavorful Dill Dip that’s always a crowd-pleaser for holidays, game days and summer gatherings. The flavors really pop in this dill dip recipe with the help of dried herbs and spices (hello, Beau Monde!). This creamy dip recipe is an easy make-ahead appetizer you can serve with vegetables, chips, crackers, and bread!

    Dill dip in a white bowl with bread cubes

    It’s not a holiday in our family without dill dip. It’s been a favorite of mine since childhood! In fact, long before my palate expanded, it was my Thanksgiving dinner.
    It is one of the easiest appetizers you can make and can also be made in advance. That makes this tasty dip recipe even more appealing! My mom always made Dill Veggie Dip the evening before Thanksgiving and Christmas in just 5 minutes. It’s a nice way to save time during the holidays!
    This simple dip is a great recipe for every occasion from summer get-togethers, to game days and holidays. 
    Every time I make this easy dip, everyone asks for the recipe! It’s always a crowd-pleaser.
    One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “What is Beau Monde?” I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for this dill dip, I’d be clueless as well. It’s the only recipe I use it for, but it’s soooo worth it!

    Dill Dip Recipe Ingredients

    To make dill dip, you’ll need a few staple ingredients:

    • Sour Cream
    • Mayo
    • Beau Monde
    • Dried Dill Weed
    • Dried Parsley
    • Dried Minced Onion
    Tip: If you’re really in a pinch, you can use Onion Powder, but the minced onion gives it great texture and flavor.

    What exactly is Beau Monde?

    I asked myself the same question when I first started making this dip recipe with dill. The classic beau monde seasoning is a simple mix of salt, onion powder, and celery powder. It adds that extra special savory flavor. Spice Islands makes a beautiful blend you can find in the grocery store.

    Of course, you can always use fresh herbs and spices, but that’s the beauty of this easy dip recipe. You have everything you need in your spice cabinet. To substitute fresh herbs in this dill dip recipe, triple the amount. For example, 2 tsp of dried dill weed equates to 2 Tbsp of fresh dill weed.
    Fresh herbs are not as strong as dried herbs, so it requires more to get that same great flavor in this incredible dill veggie dip recipe.

    Should I Use Dill Weed or Dill Seed?

    My mom and grandma always made this dip recipe for the holidays. My mom used dill weed and grandma used dill seed – both offer great flavor, it just comes down to preference. I prefer dill weed, but dill seed adds a little extra texture. It’s truly your choice!
    Bread being dipped in veggie dip recipe

    How to Make Dill Dip

    It’s so quick and easy to make. To see just how easy it is, watch the video in this post.

    1. In a mixing bowl, combine wet ingredients together using a spatula. Fold in herbs and spices.
    2. Refrigerate covered – preferably overnight to allow all of the flavors from the herbs and spices to marinate. It can be made up to 3 days in advance!

    If you’re in a pinch, it can be ready to serve in just 30 minutes. This gives the dill veggie dip enough time for the flavors to meld together.

    What to Serve with Dill Veggie Dip

    This is also known as dill veggie dip because raw vegetables pair so well with it! Some favorites include:
    • carrots
    • celery
    • bell peppers
    • green onions
    • cauliflower
    • broccoli 
    • cherry tomatoes
    • green beans
    • cucumber slices

    Serving it with veggies makes it gluten-free and keto-friendly!

    You can also serve it with:
    • rye bread
    • sourdough
    • crackers
    • pretzels
    • potato chips

    You can serve this dip in a bowl or create a bread bowl using a round loaf of bread.

    How Long Does Dill Dip Last?

    As with any dip, it’s best enjoyed chilled and consumed within 3 hours (at room temperature for just 2 hours). You can store this simple veggie dip refrigerated, covered in plastic wrap, for up to 3 days.

    Can You Freeze Dill Dip?

    Dill Dip does not freeze well because it contains dairy (sour cream and mayonnaise).
    If you love this Dill Veggie Dip recipe, leave a 5-star rating to share with others. It’s so easy and so delicious, you’ll never buy a mix or pick it up at the store again! 

    More Easy Dip Recipes

    Dill dip in a white bowl with bread cubes
    5 from 17 votes

    Dill Dip (Dill Veggie Dip Recipe)

    Classic, flavorful Dill Dip that's always a crowd-pleaser for holidays, game days and summer gatherings. The flavors really pop in this veggie dip with the help of dried herbs and spices (hello, Beau Monde!). This creamy dill dip recipe is an easy make-ahead appetizer you can serve with vegetables, chips, crackers, and bread!

    Course Appetizer
    Cuisine American
    Keyword dill dip, dill veggie dip recipe, dip, veggie dip
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Servings 16
    Calories 167 kcal


    • 1 1/3 c sour cream
    • 1 1/3 c mayo
    • 2 tsp dill weed
    • 2 tsp beau monde
    • 2 Tbsp parsley flakes
    • 2 Tbsp onion flakes


    1. Combine and refrigerate overnight. 

    2. Serve with rye bread, kettle chips and veggies.

    Recipe Notes

    You can also serve dill dip with:

    carrots, celery, bell peppers, green onions, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green beans, cucumber slices, rye bread, sourdough, crackers, pretzels, potato chips

    To substitute with fresh herbs, just triple the parsley, dill, and onion.

    Nutrition info based on dill dip only.

    Nutrition Facts
    Dill Dip (Dill Veggie Dip Recipe)
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 167 Calories from Fat 162
    % Daily Value*
    Fat 18g28%
    Saturated Fat 4g20%
    Cholesterol 18mg6%
    Sodium 426mg18%
    Potassium 46mg1%
    Carbohydrates 1g0%
    Fiber 1g4%
    Sugar 1g1%
    Protein 1g2%
    Vitamin A 135IU3%
    Vitamin C 1mg1%
    Calcium 26mg3%
    Iron 1mg6%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    Originally published in November 2011, updated March 2019
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