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This is your one-stop shop, the ultimate home blog to find inspiration for decorating a home you love. Time and again, readers return for how-to guides for decorating a warm, classic, inviting home where loved ones will shine. Home doesn’t have to be perfect… there is so much beauty in the imperfections.

Instead of stressing over your house in progress, let’s try to enjoy our homes as they are with these simple tips. Home should be a respite, a place to celebrate everyday joys and focus on relaxation and memory-making. This home blog is filled with simple DIY tutorials, decorating guides and ideas that will turn your house into a home you love.

Looking for organization ideas? Struggling with storage or too much “stuff”? Learn the tricks to keeping a tidy, efficient and beautiful home that functions and transforms your life! These simple home decorating ideas are going to change the way you think about your home.