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Party and Picnic Sandwiches

The best party and picnic sandwiches that are customizable, craveable and incredibly easy to make!

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Each Saturday and Sunday morning at the lake, I bake a loaf or two of ready to bake baguettes and make sandwiches to enjoy during our day of boating. While we really love them, it never occurred to me to share them with you until…

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I hosted a retreat with some of the most inspiring bloggers and friends a girl could ask for. When planning meals for the week, I decided to keep lunch simple, deferring to our standard sandwiches. Planning the same meals weekend after weekend eliminates the need for thought or a grocery list in what is intended to be a relaxing getaway. The same applies to hosting friends. If you stick to something you’re comfortable with, it’s sure to be a success.

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I offered a few choices of lunchmeat {ham, salami and turkey}, a condiment or two, but ultimately, kept the picnic sandwiches pretty basic for boating, wrapped and packed them.

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To my surprise {and relief}, everyone raved. Michael said “this is what you should share on the blog”. You know my motto, sometimes simple is simply the best and these sandwiches are no exception.

how to make picnic sandwiches

This sandwich recipe among a few others I’ll be sharing over the next week is another that I have been making since college. It’s easy, flavorful and stacks up to any local deli!


A few secrets to making the best picnic sandwich:

  • take and bake bread
  • olive oil or butter lightly spread on top
  • sea salt
  • thin sliced deli meat
  • creamy cheese that melts into the bread like Monterey Jack or Havarti

You can see how easy these picnic sandwiches are to make in the video below!

Get the printable recipe card and nutrition info for picnic sandwiches…

Picnic Sandwiches

Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 8 mins Total Time 13 mins
Yields 4

The best picnic sandwiches that are customizable, craveable and incredibly easy to make!


  • take and bake loaf
  • butter
  • sea salt
  • ham, salami or turkey
  • monterey jack or havarti


Bake bread according to package instructions.

Slice bread to size and in half.

Brush on butter while warm and sprinkle with fresh cracked sea salt.

Add cheese, lunch meat and any additional toppings.

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These sandwiches are perfect for parties, picnics, eating on the go and more. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do – please be sure to comment and rate if you try them!

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6 comments on “Party and Picnic Sandwiches”

  1. Where do you find the bake your own baguette bread? 

    • Target, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and local grocers all carry it in their bakery section. I’ve yet to find a store that doesn’t carry a brand of it and they’re all really great {what isn’t when covered in butter and salt?}

  2. They sound scrumptious. And easy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Loved the way you wrapped and tied the 
    Sandwiches … What did you use and how ??? 

    • Great question! Parchment Paper. Sadly tape/stickers don’t work to secure it, so I used some nautical ribbon I saved from a package, but similar is available at Michaels.

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