Benjamin Moore White Dove is one of my favorite Benjamin Moore white colors, and one that is tried and true. Beloved by homeowners and interior designers alike, this is a warm white paint that you can use with confidence – read on to find out why!

A white dove bathroom with gold accents and a window.
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We’ve all been there… standing in the paint aisle at the hardware store, debating. How can there be so many different white paint colors? Painting the walls in your home shouldn’t be this hard, right? 

When I first began transitioning to a home filled with lighter and brighter soft neutral and creamy paint colors, I realized that this dilemma is a real one. Every color looks different in different homes, lighting situations, and rooms. 

In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time researching paint colors and all of their details so you don’t have to, and shared extensively since these are some of my most commonly-asked questions! 

I love chatting paint with you – don’t miss my favorite Warm Whites!

A graphic featuring white dove paint
A white bathroom with gold accents, featuring Benjamin Moore White Dove trim.
 Walls are painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove, trim is Valspar Signature Semi-Gloss Ultra White (from Lowes).

White Dove OC-17

Did you know that this color is also called PM-19? That’s a reference to the fact that this color was once a pre-mixed paint! It’s been popular for a long time, and with good reason. It has all the qualities you need for a versatile and neutral nearly white paint color.

This color works beautifully on both the walls and trim of any home. I’ve also seen it used on kitchen cabinets with great results! 

This is an incredibly flexible white color with more of a greige undertone, vs the yellow undertone in so many creamy whites, and it transitions beautifully in a variety of lighting situations. 

A white bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors, featuring Benjamin Moore White Dove trim.

Whichever way you look at this paint color, White Dove paint color is a total winner! 

This post shares our spa bath that we recently re-painted in this color, as well as some of my favorite Instagram images from designers who feature this color often! I hope sharing a variety of images of this color will inspire you to feel confident in taking the leap!

The room above features White Dove on the walls and Chantilly Lace on the trim.

A Benjamin Moore White Dove painted bathroom with a pink rug and shower curtain.
 Walls are painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove, trim is Valspar Signature Semi-Gloss Ultra White (from Lowes).

White Dove Paint

Works Well For


  • light and airy
  • warm
  • soft

Benjamin Moore White Dove LRV 85

I’ve chatted about LRV at length, because it’s such a fascinating subject and one that is hugely beneficial to homeowners as they choose their paint colors.

LRV is light reflectance value. It’s a number that is generally found on paint websites or the back of fan decks or paint chips.

It’s simply a system that measures the percentage of light reflected from a surface. It’s a scale commonly used by designers and helps to show the lightness and brightness of colors.

The higher the LRV number, the more light the color reflects. So the more “white” a paint color is, the higher the number on a scale of 0-100. For example, White Dove has an LRV of 85 and Simply White is 91.7. Hale Navy has a very low LRV because it’s so dark, almost black!

The kitchen featured above has White Dove on the walls and exterior cabinetry.


  • This color has a hint of greige undertones.
  • If your light is north-facing, this color can balance that cooler light very well, thanks to its touch of warmth.
  • If your windows are south-facing, White Dove can show a hint of yellow during the golden hour.

Styles it Fits

  • traditional
  • transitional
  • country

Pairs Well With

  • Classic White Ceiling Paint
  • Soft Chamois pairs well with this color, along with a variety of gray and greige colors.
  • This color is perfect with Revere Pewter (use Revere Pewter on the walls with White Dove trim, or do the opposite!)
  • Pairs well with Natural Cream for some contrast, too
A white bathroom with gold fixtures and a Benjamin Moore White Dove trim.
 Walls are painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove, trim is Valspar Signature Semi-Gloss Ultra White (from Lowes).

What to Avoid

  • If you’re concerned about this warm white shade pulling a little yellow, avoid pairing it with marble (white is cooler whites, often with a more gray vein).
  • Similarly, if you pair this color with stark white appliances, it can make it appear more creamy in comparison.

Best Trim Colors for White Dove

The primary bedroom featured above has White Dove on the wainscoting and trim, and a warm Benjamin Moore paint color called Spring in Aspen on the upper walls.

Similar Colors: Compare and Contrast

Remember, White Dove has an LRV of 83.16. That’s a helpful number when it comes to comparing it to other popular shades of warm whites!

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White is a little lighter, brighter, and slightly warmer than White Dove. I adore Simply White and have used it often, but even though it’s brighter overall, I think it shows just a touch more yellow than White Dove overall.

Simply White has an LRV of 91.7, compared to White Dove’s 83.16!

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss coffee can occasionally pick up just a slight hint of green in the background (much like my longtime favorite, Soft Chamois). Swiss Coffee has an LRV of 83.93, which makes it a great color to sample along with White Dove!

Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Sherwin Williams Extra White

It’s not all about the name, because Extra White isn’t actually the brightest white around. It has an LRV of 86, so it definitely reflects a lot of light and falls in line with White Dove.



  • Learn about what a difference paint sheens will make when it comes to choosing colors.
  • Learn about Light Reflectance Value in my comprehensive guide: What is LRV?
  • Samples – Use paint samples! As you try different shades, you’ll begin to recognize a pattern in the colors that feel good in your home. In fact, you should check samples on different walls throughout the day.
  • Keep all light sources in mind, as this can also change the way the color feels- read up on light bulbs, too.

The landing featured above has White Dove on both the walls and trim, which is one of my favorite tricks. Read more about Painting Trim and Walls the Same Color!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does White Dove look gray?

While this color does have a hint of gray or greige undertones, it’s certainly not a gray color. The slight tint of gray in the background prevents this warm white from appearing too yellow.
Of course, your lighting and furnishings will determine how the color reads in your own home.

Is BM white Dove too yellow?

While this warm white color does have some warm undertones, it’s not nearly as creamy yellow as many of the paint options in this category.

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  1. Hi Julie loved your Zurich white For my whole house but now I need something for my north facing dining room that receives very little light. Any suggestions? Thank you!

      1. Hi Julie. What color ceiling would you do with Soft Chamois in a north facing bedroom? I’m thinking of White Dove for trim/doors which are currently stained I believe a golden oak. I’m afraid Ceiling paint straight off the shelf will be too stark. I’m not sure about doing White Dove on the ceiling as a flat as it alters the color. I do love White ceilings but don’t want walls to look yellow.

  2. I love white dove! I am painting my bath/laundry room white dove. I want to be sure I get this right so if you could tell me your opinion of my choices I would be very appreciative. We are adding a navy vanity with a white counter top/sink. We have a gray vinyl flooring going in. This room has one small window so not much natural light. so kind of dark with no lights on. I want to paint my cabinets around the washer/dryer a light blue-gray to compliment the navy, that looks more blue than gray. Do you have any suggestions? I like Mt. Rainier but don’t want it to look like a baby boy bedroom color. Thanks for any help you can give me!

  3. What would you say the difference between white dove and soft chamois ?
    Which one is closer to White?
    Thank You

      1. I’m redoing my bathroom facing south with small window not a lot of light. Dark charcoal floors, with medium wood vanity. Want a nice white paint color for my walls not sure which one. Any advised of floors are charcoal grey and darker medium wood vanity? Thank you

  4. Similar question here. Currently wainscot, doors and trim are Chantilly lace. Would white dove work as the wall paint? It is an apt and the open living/kitchen/dining Room has north exposures.

    1. Hi Rachel My master bathroom is under construction I will have white claw foot tub white farmhouse vanity white matte subway tile in shower but my floors will be white 12×12 tiles with a vintage grey/blue design I have black vintage pivot mirrors and vintage seaside goose neck matte black barn lights so I cannot pick the right wall color I’m thinking dove white? Or alabaster? Any thoughts? Thank you

  5. What do you think about white dove cabinetry with pure white Sherwin Williams or Chantilly lace white as trim and ship lap?