Zesty Guacamole Recipe

LAST UPDATED: Oct 03, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Aug 22, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner

Some like it hot. And sometimes, that’s just what I’m craving! This guacamole has a little kick. Guacamole is so quick and easy to make, that sometimes, we call it dinner!

First, start with the freshest ingredients:
red pepper
2 avocados {ripe}
red onion

Dice up plenty of jalapeño, red pepper, tomato and onion and set aside. Half, pit and mush your avocados with a fork in a bowl. Squeeze half a lime and lightly mix. Add diced ingredients to taste, leaving jalapeño seeds in if you really like it hot, or eliminating if not. Add pepper and…

Take a dip.

or two.