30+ of the BEST Easy Dip Recipes for Parties

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Is it even a party until there’s an incredible spread of everyone’s favorite easy dip recipes? Get all the BEST dip recipes right here in this collection of 30+ tried and true party favorites! 

Spinach artichoke dip in a white serving dish with a gold spoon.

I love to dip! In fact, I think it’s my favorite style of party food. Give me a good cheese ball and a fabulous easy dip recipe and I am a happy girl! 

Dips are delicious all year long- I don’t need any excuse or particular season for dipping, but it does seem like a holiday and game day tradition! 

I’ve shared so many dip recipes with you, and I wanted to create a home base of sorts… a round-up of all the reader favorites! These recipes run the gamut- there are sweet dips, spicy dips, cheesy and everything in between. Truly, there’s something for everyone here! 

A hand dipping into a fresh easy dip recipe in a white bowl.

Game Day Dips for a Super Bowl Party and Beyond

There are two things about Game Day that I love way more than the game itself: the commercials, and the food. It seems like a perfectly good excuse to enjoy a meal made of appetizers, without guilt. 

That’s always been my preference anyway! I’ve compiled my most popular easy party dips to share with you today. If you’re hosting a party, you may also want to download my free printable trivia and commercial BINGO cards.

The fun actually goes far beyond dips, too. Don’t skip my full Super Bowl Recipe Guide, it’s an incredible guide with every possible recipe you could need!

A while bowl with cubes of cheese, garlic and rosemary getting ready to melt into an easy dip recipe

Game day dips can go so far beyond your classic spinach dips or beans dips (although I’ve got those too!) Cheese dips are also popular and there are plenty of those here, too. 

All the reader-favorite dip recipes are linked towards the bottom half of this post! I’m sharing the answers to lots of common questions about my dip recipes, here as well, but feel free to keep scrolling if you’re just here for the printable recipe links!

A white bowl filled with a cheesy easy dip recipe

My most pinned, saved and shared dip recipe ever is this incredible veggie dip. It’s unique, delicious, and it’s been made and shared countless times with incredible results! 

I call it irresistible because that’s what it truly is. If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing dip that feeds a large group, this is the one for you! Don’t skip it- if you make any of my dips, this is the one you’ve got to try!

A white bowl full of a creamy dip for vegetables, topped with sliced green onions.

What is the Healthiest Dip? 

In this round-up of delicious recipes, there are quite a few that are low carb and low calorie. However, if I have to choose on that is the all-around healthiest, my vote would be for pico de gallo.

It’s low carb, low calorie, and fits within a Whole 30 lifestyle plan- it’s even a great Vegan option. It’s fresh, vibrant, healthy and flavorful, but minimal on sodium. If you’re looking for a fresh and healthy dip recipe to try, this one is a great start!  

A white bowl filled with dip, chips and bread to the side.

How to Soften Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is the cornerstone of many of my dips! It can be a little frustrating to work with, however, because when it’s cold it’s too difficult to manipulate! 

However, there are several ways to soften your cream cheese- the most popular being the microwave! 

A white bowl full of easy dip recipe, carrot sticking up the side.

Remove cardboard and foil packaging.

  • Place on a microwave safe plate.
  • Microwave on high power for 20 seconds in 5 second intervals.
  • Add 10 seconds for every additional 8 ounces of cream cheese.
  • Use in recipe as desired. 

There are so many ways to soften this incredibly delicious ingredient- be sure to read all my tips by clicking through to the fully detailed post on how to soften cream cheese.

The Best Cheese for Dips

Many of my dip recipes call for shredded cheese. However, regardless of the type of cheese requested in each recipe, I’m going to beg you to do one thing.

Are you ready for this tip? Shred your own cheese! Don’t buy pre-shredded cheese for your dips (or anything, for that matter!). It’s just not as good. Bagged cheese is covered in a floury substance to keep it from clumping, and it prevents it from melting into the smooth, creamy goodness we all know and love.

Skip the bag- shred it fresh! I promise, this extra step is worth it and will really take your dip to the next level!

A white bowl full of guacamole, chips and beer in background.

How to Keep Dip Warm for a Party

Most of the warm dips linked here can be easily kept warm in a crockpot! Use a small, dip-sized slow cooker to keep your dip at the appropriate temperature throughout your event. 

The key to doing this well is to make sure it’s cooked through and completely warmed prior to adding it to the crock pot. Then you’ll set your slow cooker to warm to keep it at the perfect temperature! Works like a charm! 

Looking for the perfect way to serve a variety of dips for your party? I’ve heard great reviews on this triple slow cooker!

A white bowl filled with chipotle corn salsa, a gold spoon sticking out to the side.

What Can You Eat with Dip Besides Chips? 

Yes, the dip is the star of the show. But what good is a delicious dip if you don’t have a variety of sturdy, fabulous dippers? 

Dipping can go so far beyond classic tortilla chips. Need a few ideas? 

  • Easy crostini 
  • Pita slices
  • Crackers
  • French bread
  • Breadsticks
  • Bagel slices
  • Pretzels
  • Rice Cakes
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Veggie Straws
A white bowl with an easy dip recipe, gold spoon for serving.

Lower Carb and Lower Cal Options:

  • Cucumber slices
  • Sliced bell peppers
  • Baby or sliced carrots
  • Jicama slices
  • Celery sticks
  • Pork Rinds
  • Kale chips
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Zucchini slices
A white bowl full of a cheesy corn dip recipe.

Dessert Dips

Don’t forget the dessert and fruit dips! These make a great snack for school days, and they also serve beautifully for showers and all kinds of parties. 

I love giving people a sweeter option that also doubles as a healthier dessert! Often, these dips are served with vibrant fresh fruits and they look beautiful on display.

Ready for all the delicious dip recipes? Simply click through on any one that you’re interested in, and you’ll find the printable recipe card at the bottom of each individual post! Enjoy!

Easy Dip Recipes for Every Occasion

All the BEST dip recipes are right here in one spot! Find some new favorites or try something unexpected - there's something for everyone here with 30+ recipes to choose from!

You'll find them separated into three sections: traditional, Mexican-inspired, and then dessert/fruit.

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Fruit Dips

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I’d love to hear from you! What’s your family’s favorite dip? Do you love them as much as we do?

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