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Updating a Home – on a budget!

We have been working hard to update our home and maintain a budget over the past month.  It’s time for another progress report!  
Below, you’ll see the kitchen had light carpeting and dark cabinetry.  To freshen it up, we have painted the cabinetry white and replaced the carpet with custom hardwood floors.  As you’ll see from my previous post, these are a little darker than what we ordered, but nevertheless, we adore them.  We also updated the cabinet pulls and knobs as well as removed the blue stain glass piece over the stove top.  The windows and refrigerator will be painted next week, making it a great space until our kitchen renovation next year where we will rework the right side of the kitchen, add Carrera marble countertops, white subway tile backsplash, remove the drywall above the cabinets, update appliances and add a farmhouse sink.  Baby steps.

After receiving your votes via the blog, Facebook and Tumblr, we have purchased the Pottery Barn pulley lights that are being installed this weekend.
The home had dark wood moldings throughout.  While beautiful, we wanted to brighten the space.  As you’ll see, they too have been painted white, providing a fresh feel.  The windows will be painted next week as well.
In just a few short weeks, we will call this home!  I look forward sharing more of our projects with you, including our half bath remodel for $700.

3 comments on “Updating a Home – on a budget!”

  1. Wow – what a difference! It looks great! How are you knocking out all the painting? Are you using a sprayer? I’m about to tackle a bathroom vanity and trim and would love to know how you did it.

  2. Julie, it looks amazing!!!!!!!! We did similar changes to brighten and visually enlarge our home when we bought…it’s been 6 years and I’m still happy with our brighten decisions. Best Wishes for the new home!

  3. Since the flooring was also replaced, we had the convenience of using a sprayer first, followed by brushing it. Otherwise I would recommend removing the cabinet doors and rolling/brushing it. Best wishes!

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