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Integrating a Peg Rail is an easy and functional way to store items and organize your home. Get all the details to streamline your storage and incorporate it into your decor!

A wooden peg rail is honestly one of the greatest examples of form meets function. With its simple, beautiful form it provides solid function in any room you use it.

It can be used for practical purposes – as a place to store utensils, tools, hats, coats, etc. for easy hanging and retrieving. Conversely, it can be used in styling and decorating – to hang pictures, flowers, and other decor items. Above all, it serves a purpose while looking fantastic!

peg rail holding ironing board duster and cloth

What Is a Peg Rail?

Wooden peg rails are a simple design – a length of board screwed flush against a wall with rounded pegs sticking out horizontally to hang items.

The length of the board can vary based on need, as well as the length of the pegs and the distance apart that they are. But the purpose is still the same – a place to bring organization into your home.

We have integrated them in our homes in our laundry room and for garage storage, but they also work well in mudrooms, kitchens and entryways! Read more about our Second Level Laundy Room here.

pretty cleaning supplies on peg rail

History of Peg Rail

Peg rails originated with the Shakers in the 1700s, which is why they’re commonly referred to as Shaker peg rails. Shaker values focused on hard work and simplistic living. Those values showed up in their lifestyle as well as in their homes

Shaker peg rails were hung in practically every room, and often went wall to wall as a place to hang any and everything that they didn’t want to clutter their homes, including hats, coats, utensils, tools, and even chairs.

peg rail holding cleaning supplies in a garage

Where to Use a Shaker Peg Rail

My own minimalist heart has long been drawn to the simple and functional design of the wooden peg rail. Look here for other minimalist-inspired ideas. I find that it works perfectly in the mudroom as a way to organize jackets, hats, and umbrellas.

I love how it looks in a garage or utility closet because it looks nicer than a series of industrial hooks, yet accomplishes the same organizational tasks. As a result, I can have style in a room that is often overlooked.

It is also beautiful and unassuming in home decor. Whether it stretches the length of a room or is just in a 4-foot or 6-foot section, it is a very stylish way to hang photos and other decorations. You can hang photos from the pegs at different lengths with pretty ribbon or wire for a showcase wall. Because the pictures hang from hooks, it is really easy to change out photos and decor.


Peg rails can be commonly found in 2-, 4-, and 6-foot lengths, with pegs about 6 inches apart. However, there are variations to suit your specific needs.

  • Have a shaker peg rail custom made to your exact specifications.
  • Paint it the color of your wall to blend seamlessly with the wall.
  • Use short dowels instead of rounded pegs for a more modern look.
  • Add a small board on top of the rail to act as a picture ledge or shelf to provide additional storage!

You really can’t go wrong with Peg Rail. Its design and purpose is timeless, practical, and will look perfect in so many spaces in your home!

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shaker peg rail holding ironing board and cleaning supplies

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