Integrating a charming Peg Rail is an easy and functional way to store items and organize your home. Get all the details to streamline your storage and incorporate it into your decor!

A wooden peg rail is one of the greatest examples of form meets function. With its simple, beautiful form it provides solid function in any room you use it.

A peg rail on a white wall holding an ironing board and feather duster.
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How can you use a peg rail? Oh, let me count the ways.

It can be used for practical purposes – as a place to store utensils, tools, hats, coats, and more, for easy hanging and retrieving.

Conversely, it can be used in styling and decorating – to hang pictures, flowers, and other decor items. Above all, it serves a purpose while looking fantastic in virtually any area of your home!

I love items that serve a purpose while looking good – especially when they are timeless, practical, and integrate so well into many spaces.

We have integrated them in our homes in our laundry room and for garage storage, but they also work well in mudrooms, kitchens and entryways!

Peg rails are the ultimate in form and function, and today, we’re taking a deep dive into how to use them and where to buy them!

A mudroom area in a garage with blue painted beadboard and peg rail.

What Is a Peg Rail?

Wooden peg rails are a simple design – a length of board screwed flush against a wall with rounded pegs sticking out horizontally to hang items.

Originally used in functional, minimalistic Shaker homes, they held everything from brooms to chairs.

The length of the board can vary based on need, as well as the length of the pegs and the distance apart that they are. But the purpose is still the same – a place to bring organization into your home.

Peg rail painted green and loaded with gardening supplies.

History of Peg Rail

Peg rails originated with the Shakers in the 1700s, which is why they’re commonly referred to as Shaker peg rails. Shaker values focused on hard work and simplistic living. Those values showed up in their lifestyle as well as in their homes

Shaker peg rails were hung in practically every room, and often went wall to wall as a place to hang any and everything that they didn’t want to clutter their homes, including hats, coats, utensils, tools, and even chairs.

Peg rail painted green and loaded with gardening supplies.


  • Like many items for your home, peg rails can vary widely in price and quality. Choose carefully, depending on your needs and budget.
  • While raw wood is beautiful and will have a traditional feel, you can also choose to paint them or stain them a different color.
  • Or, choose an option made in a more modern material – you can even find them in high end acrylic, metal and glass styles now.
  • Combine form and function by using them in any utilitarian space in your home – see below for inspiration on where to use them!
A peg rail on a white wall holding an ironing board and feather duster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should pegs be on peg rail?

Commonly, you’ll find them built with approximately 6 inches of space between pegs. However, you can have peg rail custom built with any spacing your heart desires.

How high should peg rail be?

In traditional Shaker homes, they were installed higher than eye level. Generally you could find peg rails at approximately 6-7 feet high, with spaces in between a little wider than they are frequently found today.
However, there are no hard and fast rules. Hang yours at the height that works for you and your home.

Peg rail painted green and loaded with gardening supplies.

Where to Use a Shaker Peg Rail

My own minimalist heart has long been drawn to the simple and functional design of these beauties, so we’ve used them in many places.

  • I find that peg rails work beautifully in the mudroom as a way to organize jackets, hats, and umbrellas.
  • I love how it looks in a garage or utility closet because it looks nicer than a series of industrial hooks, yet accomplishes the same organizational tasks. As a result, I can have style in a room that is often overlooked.
  • Add ironing boards and more with a peg rail in your laundry room. Read more about our Second Level Laundy Room pictured throughout this guide.
  • It is also beautiful in kitchens. Whether it stretches the length of a room or is just in a 4-foot or 6-foot section, it is a very stylish way to hang pots, pans and more.
  • You can hang photos from the pegs at different lengths with pretty ribbon or wire for a showcase wall in a living room, bedroom or dining room. Because the pictures hang from hooks, it is really easy to change out photos and decor.
A mudroom area in a garage with blue painted beadboard and peg rail.

Peg Rail Variations

  • Peg rails can be commonly found in 2-, 4-, and 6-foot lengths, with pegs about 6 inches apart. Keep in mind though, that there are variations to suit your specific needs.
  • However, you can have a shaker peg rail custom made to your exact specifications.
  • Paint it the color of your wall to blend seamlessly with the wall.
  • Use short dowels instead of rounded pegs for a more modern look.
  • Add a small board on top of the rail to act as a picture ledge or shelf to provide additional storage!
A peg rail on a white wall holding an ironing board and feather duster.


Peg Rails are widely available and can even be custom made. These are a few of my favorite sources.

We’ve made your shopping easy – just click any image below to head straight to the source. They are organized in the gallery from least expensive at the top, to higher end at the bottom.

Two hanging peg rails above a potting bench, painted green

Peg Rail with Shelf

We custom ordered this peg rail with shelving for our garage potting bench.


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