How to Paint Concrete Floors

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  • How to paint concrete floors for a durable, beautiful finish.

    How to paint concrete floors

    I always thought I’d have more luxurious flooring in our laundry room and mudroom, but having kids gives you a sense of practicality you’d never imagine. I started looking at painted concrete floors in a new light, thinking of it in an East Coast cottage. Suddenly, it opened my eyes to something far more beautiful than the garage I had originally envisioned.

    We absolutely loved the painted concrete floors in our mudroom. It was pristine and worry free, functional and most importantly, durable. Unlike that wood table we’re still overwhelmed with. 3 years later, I’m sharing the details how to paint concrete floors to create your own fuss free zone.

    It’s an inexpensive way to update a space that you want to easily “wipe down”.

    How to paint concrete floors | step-by-step details to paint a concrete floor that is practical & will last for years

    How to paint concrete floors:

    1. Start by removing any existing flooring. In our case, carpet, which meant we had tack strips to remove. Remove any adhesive if there is any from existing vinyl.
    2. Thoroughly clean the floor, wiping down baseboards and corners.
    3. Starting at the far corner of the room, paint the edges with a brush & main area with a roller, just as you would a wall. Work your way out of the room & allow to dry 24 hours.

    We used Glidden Porch and Floor Polyurethane Oil Gloss in Steel Grey. Paints that are labeled for interior and exterior use tend to be more durable.

    How do you clean a painted cement floor:

    • dish soap and warm water
    • Swiffer

    The before…in case you were wondering!

    BEFORE How to paint a concrete floor | step-by-step details to paint a concrete floor that is practical & will last for years

    What do you think? Do you have a concrete space that could benefit from porch paint?

    You can learn how to paint without sanding, how to paint tile and find all of our paint colors here!


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