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How to Paint Concrete Floors

How to paint concrete floors for a durable, beautiful finish.

How to paint concrete floors

I always thought I’d have more luxurious flooring in our laundry room and mudroom, but having kids gives you a sense of practicality you’d never imagine. I started looking at painted concrete floors in a new light, thinking of it in an East Coast cottage. Suddenly, it opened my eyes to something far more beautiful than the garage I had originally envisioned.

We absolutely loved the painted concrete floors in our mudroom. It was pristine and worry free, functional and most importantly, durable. Unlike that wood table we’re still overwhelmed with. 3 years later, I’m sharing the details how to paint concrete floors to create your own fuss free zone.

It’s an inexpensive way to update a space that you want to easily “wipe down”.

How to paint concrete floors | step-by-step details to paint a concrete floor that is practical & will last for years

How to paint concrete floors:

  1. Start by removing any existing flooring. In our case, carpet, which meant we had tack strips to remove. Remove any adhesive if there is any from existing vinyl.
  2. Thoroughly clean the floor, wiping down baseboards and corners.
  3. Starting at the far corner of the room, paint the edges with a brush & main area with a roller, just as you would a wall. Work your way out of the room & allow to dry 24 hours.

We used Glidden Porch and Floor Polyurethane Oil Gloss in Steel Grey. Paints that are labeled for interior and exterior use tend to be more durable.

How do you clean a painted cement floor:

  • dish soap and warm water
  • Swiffer

The before…in case you were wondering!

BEFORE How to paint a concrete floor | step-by-step details to paint a concrete floor that is practical & will last for years

What do you think? Do you have a concrete space that could benefit from porch paint?

You can learn how to paint without sanding, how to paint tile and find all of our paint colors here!


29 comments on “How to Paint Concrete Floors”

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  2. Did these hold up? we are thinking about painting our laundry room floor but my husband thinks its will chip fast

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  4. Hi! We want to paint our basement floors, but pulling up the old carpet and tack strip has left us with some small potholes all around the edges.. did you have these? If so, did you fill them first & with what? thanks!

  5. So, I have a condo (townhouse style). Downstairs, I pulled up the carpeting in the living/dining room and painted the slab cement floor. I started to fill in the holes where the tack strips were (but did not do all of them), because eventually, I will cover the entire floor with “hard wood” looking tile. Since I did not have the money to do this tiling project right away, I decided to paint the floor, forego most of the filling in of the holes, purchase two inexpensive rugs, and everything looks decent until I can get the tiling project handled and paid for!

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  7. Even though the laundry room is a basic room in any house, you have created a rather elegant feel to your laundry room. Sometimes painting over the concrete can hide tiny imperfections that would otherwise show up. With the floor being painted, it adds a really nice shimmer to the floor.

  8. We are thinking of painting our laundry room, very small space with unfinished floor. We have a little unevenness in the floor from the original demo we did two years agao, any advice on how to prep that space before we paint?

    • I’m not sure you can do much beyond a thorough cleaning, but it’s a thicker paint, so it will help conceal some imperfections. Ours was far from an even, pretty surface before.

  9. I totally agree that kids make you more practical than you ever were before! A laundry room is the perfect place for a concrete floor, and painting it is a great way to add some color and style to an otherwise boring surface. It looks great! Thanks for the tips.

  10. When I remove the self stick tiles from my basement floor, what can I use to properly clean and remove the old glue and what looks like a tar substance?

    • I’m honestly not sure. Personally, I’d ask someone at Lowe’s for recommendations. I fortunately didn’t have to worry about that since we went over existing vinyl.

  11. I stumbled across your blog post while looking for a solution for my basement floors. I loved yours so much, that I got the same paint. We painted last night and love it so far. How long did you let your floors cure before adding furniture and appliances back into the room? Online it says it can take a full 30 days for most oil based.

    • We waited just 3 days because it was the access point between our garage and house and our only option for the washer and dryer. You will love it!

  12. Will try this paint on our floor. We also have linoleum on a wood floor and that old indoor-outdoor carpet glued to another wood floor. Any hints? I have gone searching for years and don’t want to replace the original wood but it looks like we may have to.

    Thank you for all the good tips

    • I would carefully peel the linoleum from the wood floor and refinish, if needed. I’m not sure what kind of glue they would have used to adhere your carpet to the floor, but you can always try to peel and ask a hardwood refinishing company how it will do. Chances are, it will refinish, they just may have to sand it a little more heavily. Best wishes!

  13. Hi there! I LOVE the color you chose. I was wondering if after painting, did you add a layer of clear sealer on top? How many coats of paint did you use? Thanks for posting!

    • We did two coats that could’ve gotten away with one if we would’ve done the edges better the first time. We did not use a sealer and three years later it looked like new.

  14. Do you yhink the paint would hold up with an office chair rolling on it? Thinking of painting the concrete floors in a basement office/workshop.

  15. I don’t think I can get the same product in Australia. 

    • There are so many concrete floor paints in the US, I’m sure something has to be available there. I will say that I don’t care for epoxy, it peeled up on our garage floor.

  16. I am looking for your post on your back entrance brick floor information. can you let me know where you bought the brick? I love that and would like to put in my back area/laundry room.

  17. Hi, did you use an undercoat or sealer first?? Looks awesome tho.

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