15 Easy Ways to Update a House

LAST UPDATED: Nov 18, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jul 19, 2017 | By: Julie Blanner

easy updates to refresh your home for spring

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re house hunting by the seller’s decor. One thing I have found over the years is that most buyers can’t look past seller’s personal choices, which could result in a deal for you! Even if you’re not a diy’er or don’t want to invest a lot into a new home purchase, there are 15 easy ways to update a house that can immediately increase the value.

Find your own hidden gem by looking for homes in neighborhoods you love that may be dated, but well-kept. Focus the things you can’t change {or are difficult to} like the floor plan, natural light and lot rather than wallpaper, paint color and light fixtures. Take a few snapshots so that you can play around with ideas before making an offer.

15 Easy Ways to Update a House

  1. Update the outlets. In our lake house, the outlets and light switches were almond which made the home feel dated. Sometimes outlets yellow, get painted over or are mismatched. This is a relatively easy {and very inexpensive} way to make your home feel fresh and cohesive. Note: if you’re not experienced in doing this, hire a licensed electrician or find a great online video source and watch a few tutorials. It’s relatively simple, yet tedious work.
    Give an old home new life with these simple tips

    light switch plate cover - easy ways to update a hall

  2. Add natural light. Remove blinds, trim back trees and bushes just outside the windows or remove screens to let the light shine in. Natural light automatically makes a room appear larger. 7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home 7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home
  3. Update light fixtures. We’ve updated lights for just $20-30 that transformed a room. You can make anything a light fixture with this little trick. easy ways to update a home - inexpensive light fixture
  4. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. Find a color you love and the house will start to feel like you. Choosing a sheen eggshell or above reflects light making the room appear brighter and larger. beautiful spring decorating ideas for your home
  5. Carpet in an old home? Remove the vent cover to see if hardwoods lie beneath. If you’re lucky, you can remove the carpet to expose and refinish hardwoods! traditional home office with a floating wood partners desk
  6. New hardware is another easy way to update a house and perhaps one of my favorites! Home blogger Julie Blanner shares her ideas for updating a dark, dated hall Beautiful ways to update/decorate your hall | crystal door knobs and shaker doors
  7. Add molding. This previously undefined space was elevated with shadow box trim. It’s a very inexpensive project that makes a space feel rich in detail. beautiful farmhouse kitchen
  8. New doors also make a huge impact, especially when replacing dated hollow core doors.
    Beautiful bathroom design
  9. Remove carpet on stairs to expose treads and risers. There’s nothing more classic than wood stars, is there? You can even add a runner with this simple DIY project. spring decorating ideas for home 10 Easy Ways to Update a House
  10. Paint a concrete floor. This project is perfect for basements and laundry rooms and makes a previously undefined space feel finished. 10 Easy Ways to Update a House
  11. Finish a basement with vinyl peel and stick floors or a vinyl floating floor. It’s an instant transformation that takes less than a day and as little as a few hundred dollars! inexpensive basement remodel and playroom ideas
  12. Add curb appeal with landscaping. The addition of a few colorful plants goes a long way. a cottage garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage and yarrow
  13. Define a space with curtain rods. We extended our living space by turning our screened in porch into an outdoor dining room by adding curtains. We also made an awkward dated inset style window in our dining room feel up-to-date by adding an inset curtain rod. These little tweaks update a house with very little effort. outdoor living at it's best - a covered screened in porch, perfect for dining and entertaining
  14. Replacing faucets makes a significant impact, especially in a small space, like powder rooms. They’re relatively easy to replace on your own and can overshadow a dated vanity. Maximize a small space with these beautiful home decor ideas
  15. Organize! Nothing gives the illusion of more space than beautifully organized closets with the help of shelves or closet systems. How to organize a hall linen closet a kids closet that grows with them

We have used these tips over and over again to find a hidden gem. 

What are your favorite ways to update a house?