Classic Kitchen: Beadboard Backsplash

Though our kitchen is far from complete, I’m receiving a lot of emails and Instagram messages about our beadboard backsplash.

farmhouse sink - all the details about an apron front sink and beadboard backsplash

Inspired by design favorites including Brooks and Falotico, Devol Kitchens and Humphrey Munson, Chris and I knew we wanted traditional elegance blended with classic comfort of an English country style kitchen. One common element is a headboard backsplash.

Beadboard is timeless, classic, and understated. We had considered using a soft cream subway tile as we did in our previous kitchen, but I wanted this kitchen to feel a bit warmer.

beadboard backsplash and unlacquered brass kitchen faucet

I struggled finding the exact headboard I was seeking, or to really zone in on what I was looking for, so, I turned it over to Chris, otherwise known as the most extensive unpaid researcher there is.

He ended up selecting a moisture resistant {just in case} 5/8″ thick reversible beadboard panel. I had envisioned it arriving in sheets, but they actually interlock and it’s weight gives a little depth so it doesn’t feel, well, cheap. It’s very cost effective.

We used the beadboard backsplash by the wine and coffee bar, sink, window, range, etc and when it gets splashed, it wipes clean with ease being painted with a semi-gloss.

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The only regret I have with the beadboard is not having the painter spray before installing. Brush marks make me cringe, but maybe it’s just because our cabinets are flawlessly sprayed. You can read more about our backsplash and cabinet paint color here.

Prior to the day of installation, we had not considered how to “finish” the edges where the beadboard ends with the cabinets, not a wall. It was an afterthought, so the carpenter had already installed the beadboard, but he finished it with a thin quarter round – because it was an after thought, it extends beyond the cabinets. Should you choose to finish this way, you may want to start with the quarter round flush with your cabinetry.

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If you have any further questions about the beadboard backsplash, let me know, I’m happy to help! You can read more about our kitchen remodel here!


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5 comments on “Classic Kitchen: Beadboard Backsplash”

  1. Is the beadboard also behind your stove? What about heat and steam from cooking? I’d think it would bubble the paint….

  2. This is beautiful and classic. I love beadboard just about anywhere, and will have to keep this idea in mind.

  3. I love this look for a kitchen. Super cute! Love all the white.
    xo, Meghan

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