Turn Anything into a Light Fixture

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This outdoor pendant light fixture was created from a basket & a light kit for an inexpensive, but beautiful fixture

I have a friend Kelly, who is a florist, who taught me years ago that anything is a vase. It opened up a world of decor opportunities to rethink objects & make centerpieces out of them. The same applies to light fixtures. While I’m not in an overly DIY phase right now, sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for & you have to create it. You can turn anything into a light fixture. Well, almost.

Originally, I wanted a copper lantern in our screened in porch. It’s parallel to the sunroom/breakfast nook that I just hung a beautiful brass lantern in. However, I just wasn’t ready to spend several hundred dollars on a rarely seen by anyone but me light fixture. I started with a beautiful brass lantern I found at HomeGoods similar to this but twice the size, but it just didn’t feel right, so I returned it. I wanted this space to be slightly more casual & breezy.

I keep an ongoing list of wants & needs on my phone so that when I’m antiquing, thrifting, & shopping at an outlet, I’m ready to make a purchase if the right piece presents itself. Chris & I happened upon this whitewashed basket at the Restoration Hardware Outlet for $30. At the time, we thought it was an accent piece. It was displayed on an end table just waiting to be rescued. Well, we weren’t that creative because it is in fact a pendant shade.

Basket light fixture

We purchased a Portfolio pendant fitter & hung it in minutes in place of the ceiling fan. I think it makes the room feel casual & intimate. The same concept can be applied to anything with an opening on the top or a drillable area. {Image courtesy of Clary Pfeiffer}

beautiful outdoor light fixture

We hung a couple more light fixtures over the weekend as well. Things are slowly starting to take shape!