17 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

LAST UPDATED: Nov 18, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jul 30, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

17 easy wall decor ideas to decorate your home adding warmth and style including diy wall decor ideas that are affordable.

17 wall decor ideas

It seems I’m always trying to fill a wall somewhere in our home. We’ve lived in our home for nearly two years and I there is still so much more decorating to do. I’m sharing some of my favorite wall decor ideas for home including easy DIY wall decor that make your house feel like home.

17 Easy Wall Decor Ideas:

  1. Pressed Botanicals. I’ve always been drawn to botanicals, but pressed botanicals are even more special. They just feel rich, add a little depth, yet are easy to make. This diy wall decor is easy and inexpensive, especially in comparison to the original that inspired me! Learn how to make these pressed botanicals here.wall decor ideas to decorate your home
  2. Use a mirror. A beautifully framed mirror makes a statement and is a piece of art itself, but can also make a room appear larger. Of course my favorite reason to use a mirror is to reflect light! inexpensive wall decor ideas
  3. Frame photos. This one is so simple. Of course you can print your photos at a local drug store, but using a high quality printer that photographers like Mpix who offers the same size prints for nearly the same price, with significantly better quality. Framing photos is one of the easiest and least expensive wall decor ideas that you can do in a variety of ways whether it be photos of your family, like these simple snapshots of the girls playing on the beach that adorn our hall, or framed vintage photos of like the bridge that lies beneath the lake in our lake cottage living room, a sunset or photograph of something particularly special to you. The options are endless and this diy wall idea is as easy as it gets!beautiful hall with brass lanterns
  4. Frame sheet music. Is there a song that is notable to you or your relationship? Frame it! I framed a page of sheet music from our wedding song, “Crazy” by Pat Green for our bookcases. It took minutes, but has so much meaning. 17 diy wall decor ideas
  5. Hang platters. In each of our 3 homes we’ve hung platters as I take a minimalist approach to design and love integrating functional decor. You can easily remove, use the platters to serve and rehang! diy wall decor ideas
  6. Free printables. A variety of sites including history museums make vintage pictures available from books, line drawings/architectural sketches and more. It’s an invaluable resource for really incredible art. The options are endless! In fact, so many prints you see available for sale are truly available to all at no cost! You can read more about these botanical prints here.diy wall decor botanical prints
  7. Use something organic. Plants, shells, driftwood and coral are among my favorite organic art. Start collecting! I know this post is about wall decor ideas, but this coral provides a nice backdrop for bookcases, which I treat like functional walls. However, you can easily frame sea fan coral! I purchased some a couple years ago and am excited to finally frame it for the lake cottage!summer bookcase decorating / styling ideas
  8. Use antlers. Anything organic brings a room to life and pieces with history are unique and visually interesting. These cheap wall decor ideas
  9. Frame a map. Need a large piece of art? Frame a map! For our former basement guest bedroom, we framed a map of Hawaii where we honeymooned. It took just a few minutes and cost less than $30! 17 art ideas for your homeAlternatively, you can have a map made. Below is a map of the lake our house is on I had created for the girls’ bunk bed room on Etsy. To make framing easy, I uploaded the digital file and had it framed here. 2 days later it arrived on our door step!How to decorate a bunk bed room
  10. Frame recipes. There’s nothing more beautiful than a piece of your family’s history or your deceased mother’s handwriting. It’s an inexpensive diy wall decor idea perfect for a  kitchen or breakfast room. For simplicity, I had it framed here but you can easily do it yourself!17 diy wall decor ideas
  11. Frame cards. A few of their botanical cards framed using stacked mounting tape to give them depth filled Isla’s room with art for about $50!diy wall decor
  12. Use wire. I had this quote made by an Esty artist and inserted it directly into the wall. It’s easy to install, inexpensive and customizable!wall decor ideas
  13. Make a pin board. I “made” Adalyn’s pinboard by adding fabric, but purchased Ani’s. Either way, it’s a great way to let kiddos showcase their art while a large piece of art in itself! If you don’t want to diy, you can find a variety of options here.17 easy and inexpensive art ideas to fill your walls
  14. Create a silhouette. My grandmother had made silhouettes of my sister and I that hung in her hallway. It’s a classic piece of art that you can easily create to frame for your home or as a gift. 17 easy art ideas for your home | fill your walls with these simple ideas
  15. Hang an architectural piece. Something old, something new, right? An old wooden panel or piece of wrought iron can make a beautiful decorative piece. neutral family room decor
  16. Hang a branch. Sometimes the simplest things are simply the best. A branch from your yard makes a beautiful place to hang your necklaces while filling another space. {Yet another way to integrate something organic into a room to bring it to life}.cheap diy wall decor
  17. Create a painting from a photograph. I’m not an artist, proving that it’s so much easier than you’d think! How to put a photo to canvas | easy art idea

I hope you enjoyed these easy wall decor ideas! Having a variety of the diy wall decor and family heirlooms instantly gives your home warmth and makes it feel more interesting.

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If you’re looking for larger or more traditional pieces of art, you can find large paintings {like this canvas painting used in our family room} or venture to estate sales to find one-of-a-kind watercolors and paintings! I’d love to see your favorite piece of art in your home! Just tag me on Instagram!



How to decorate a bunk bed room

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Originally published June 15, 2016.