Learn how to paint linoleum and vinyl floors in just a few simple steps! This quick and easy DIY project will completely transform your space without a lot of effort!

I love a quick fix! It’s so rewarding to transform a space with little effort or investment. Our laundry room has a combination of carpeted and linoleum floors. While we intend to replace them in the future, it may not be for a few months or years.

A laundry room with a washer and dryer and painted vinyl floors.
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Whether you want to paint vinyl or linoleum floors as a temporary fix or for a long lasting, durable floor, this is the perfect way to update your space!

Painting floors is a quick and inexpensive fix! When done properly, it’s a durable way to update your floors! You can full tutorials for how to paint concrete, how to paint tile and now how to paint linoleum! We’ve done it all – even grout stain!

This project is suitable for bathrooms, laundry rooms, sunrooms, kitchens and so much more! It can handle high traffic and water. It’s extremely versatile! It can be tinted in an array of colors and you can even create a patterned cement tile look!

dated linoleum floor
BEFORE | Dated Linoleum Floor

The Best Linoleum Paint

Porch and Floor Enamel is the best paint to withstand heavy traffic, wear and tear and water. Designed to use indoors and out, it resists dirt and household chemicals.

It is a water-based enamel fortified with epoxy. It is ultra smooth and dries to a hard, low lustre finish.

can of paint for vinyl or linoleum floors displayed on a plaid rug

Project Supplies

paint rollers to use for vinyl floors

How to Paint Linoleum Floors


Linoleum typically has a shiny finish, which is difficult to adhere to. To help the paint adhere, the surface must be thoroughly sanded to rough it up. For small spaces you can just use sandpaper.

I like to use a sanding block in circular motions. For larger spaces, I highly recommend an orbital sander. This process is quick and easy.

sanding linoleum floor


This step is completely optional, but recommended for long-term use. Use liquid deglosser to eliminate any glossy finish. This will ensure the most durable finish. Using a cloth, apply in a circular motion. A hazy residue will remain. Allow it to dry.


Do not skip this important step. For paint to properly adhere the surface must be completely clean. I highly recommend using a degreaser to remove any residue to provide a smooth, durable finish. Mop, wipe or rinse until there is no residue remaining. Allow the floor to dry.

cleaning vinyl floor with spray


Tape surrounding areas to prevent bleeding or painting the surface.


Using a brush, cut in and paint the perimeter.

Pour paint directly on the floor or use a paint tray. Roll paint on floor working your way out of the room. Do not go over it more than once to achieve the smoothest finish. Allow the floor to dry completely (4 hours). Apply a second coat resisting the temptation to go over it more than once and allow to dry.

Floor cures in 30 days.

rolling paint over linoleum

Stencil Linoleum

Of course you can have so much fun with it tinting to any color and creating patterns using stencils and a stencil brush. The options are endless! Create Spanish tile, a plaid floor or stripes!

cream color painted linoleum floor

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  • If needed, use a flashlight to see where you still need to sand.
  • Use an orbital sander to make sanding the floor a breeze. No special skills required!
  • Thoroughly sand and clean the surface.
  • Use high quality paint.
  • Don’t roll over the same spot twice for the smoothest finish.
  • Allow paint to dry thoroughly in between coats.
  • Read all about Paint Sheens, including Flat Paint and Eggshell Paint.
A laundry room with a washer and dryer and painted vinyl floors.

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  1. How long before you can walk on the floor? You mention it cures in 30 days…do I have to wait that long? Thanks

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I’d suggest waiting about 48 hours before you walk on it (with socks) and probably waiting at least a week before you move furniture or heavy items onto it.
      I hope that helps!

  2. Hi! I’m going to paint my linoleum, thank you for all your videos and tutorial. I love you style and have been following along for awhile! Can you share the paint color you used for doing this project? I really like the bright creamy color you used. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I used Soft Chamois because it’s the color we had on our walls, but you can use any color that speaks to you. I just didn’t want to bring in yet another color when we had the carpet.

  3. How does this hold up to daily mopping? I mop my floors daily due to a pet and extracurricular sporting family.

    1. I totally get that – it does really well. I had a friend do it for her studio and it’s holding up to excessive use and daily cleaning.