Have an old pull string light fixture? Make it into a switch with ANY light you want with this inexpensive, three minute non-electrical fix! If I can do it, you can too.

Pull string light fixtures are easily converted through this inexpensive wireless solution in just minutes. It’s a quick fix that immediately improves the functionality of any room in your home!

A modern gold flush mount light fixture near a blue and white polka dot wallpaper.
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When you are vertically challenged, pull string light fixtures can be a struggle. In fact, they can cause issues for many people, short or not!

Our 90s-era lake cottage came equipped with many pull string fixtures. Ceiling fans, flush mounts, you name it. They don’t always make sense in a room, and they often feel dated and out of place as we work to make over this home.

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Converting a Pull Chain Light Fixture

Pull string light fixtures have been common in homes for a century. While they have served their purpose, they are thankfully not as popular these days, and now I know why! It’s so easy to switch them out.

No more tripping and falling when you walk into a dark room and stumble around looking for the pull cord! No more opening a dark closet and struggling to see what’s in the corner.

The Easiest Solution

Thankfully, we have discovered the easiest solution to the old pull string light problem! No electrician required! Learn how to turn your dated pull chain light fixtures into a modern, wall mounted control.

How to convert a pull chain light fixture to a switch without electrical wiring.

I love chatting about lighting with you!

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Pull chain light fixture on white ceiling.
Pull chain light fixture before

Pull Chain Light Fixture

A light with a pull chain is often functional enough for lesser-used spaces in your home. However, it is less aesthetically pleasing than other options, and ceiling lights with light pull switches tend to wear out over time.

What is a Pull Chain Light Fixture?

This is a type of switch that is activated by means of a chain or string. Also called a pull cord, pull chain and light pull, they are common in many homes as an inexpensive shortcut solution.

They are frequently used in builder grade homes, and often in closets, basements, etc. They are inexpensive and require less electrical because there’s no switch.

A pull chain light fixture with a bare bulb on a white ceiling.

Pull Cord Light Switch

Turn your pull chain light fixture into any fixture you want! If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home, you’ll notice that often the pull chain light options are minimal.

They are mostly functional with little thought put into design or aesthetics. No longer! No you can purchase any light you love and make it work without a wired light switch.

These are the best two options we’ve found to accomplish this project:

  • This wireless kit allows you to turn it on and off and dim! You can use it with Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant, though none are required. It’s installation free and no hub is required. The push button works as a light switch, without any electrical. The switch is magnetic, removable and doubles as a remote, perfect for bedrooms!
  • This wireless remote light turns pull chain fixtures on and off with a classic switch. You can use it with the lightbulb of your choice – read all about my favorite bulbs in this Light Bulb Guide.
A modern gold flush mount light fixture on a white ceiling.

How to convert a Ceiling Light with Pull Chain into a Wall Switch

  1. Purchase the Wireless Remote Control Light Switch linked in this post.
  2. Replace light fixture with the light of your choosing.
  3. Screw the wireless receiver into your light fixture.
  4. Screw light bulb into the receiver. 
  5. Attach wall mounted switch to the wall according to package directions.
  6. Now your new switch will control your pretty new light!


  • Most of the wireless conversion kits only support bulbs up to a certain wattage. For example, the kit linked here supports up to 150 watts when light bulb when the bulb is up and 60 watts maximum when bulb is down.
  • 50′ range with 4 selectable channels
  • Indoor use only
  • Socket adds 2.5 inches to the overall height of the fixture
  • Works with all Edison Base light bulbs: LED, Compact fluorescent or incandescent.


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  1. Do you need to replace the old pull light fixture with another pull light fixture for this to work? Or can you really choose any hardwired light fixture! Thanks for this cool idea.

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      You can use any light fixture as long as you have the motion activated or remote smart bulb! It’s amazing!

  2. Hi! I’m looking to switch out the pull switch fixture in my walk-in closet with one of these wireless converters (thank you for the idea on this — its the exact solution that Ive been searching for!). However, the socket conversion look like it’s just for a bulb, and it doesn’t look like you can add a decorative light fixture… what kind of shade or fixture can be used with this conversion kit?