10 Easy Updates

LAST UPDATED: Nov 15, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Apr 27, 2019 | By: Julie Blanner

10 easy updates for your home that you can do this weekend!

gold framed art

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as a quick fix! Instant gratification. Fortunately, there are so many updates you can make whether it’s 5 minutes, an hour or less than a day!

These are my favorite easy update that make a big impact with little effort. So many of them are inexpensive, too! Win win.

Replace Hardware

kitchen hardware

Before we renovated our kitchen we updated oak cabinets (without painting them) with the help of new hardware. At the cost of $100 and less than an hour it completely transformed our kitchen.

The unlacquered brass hardware is actually the highlight of our new kitchen as well.

Update Outlets and Light Switch Plates

light switch plate cover - easy ways to update a hall

Through the years outlets and light switch plates can become discolored or mismatched. Updating them can make your home feel fresh! We replaced all of ours with architectural plates to make them feel more thoughtful, but even plain white plates will do! You can find more ideas on how to make an old home feel new here.

Update Your Floors 

living room design ideas

  • Add a rug – this is the quickest and easiest fix! Choose a pet friendly rug, indoor outdoor rug, or a turkish rug. Even a stair runner can make a significant difference with less than an hour of effort!
  • Peel and stick flooring – we used $1 peel and stick in our previous home and were able to complete our entire basement in an afternoon!
  • Paint Concrete. Painted concrete can be really practical for a mudroom, laundry room or basement. Learn how to paint concrete for a durable finish.
  • Paint Tile. Another easy, inexpensive and durable option you can knock out over a weekend! Learn how to paint tile and the best tile paint to use! painted tile

Add a Plant

spring home

The simple addition of integrating something organic into a room brings a space to life! It’s a pro tip that all designers and magazines use and now you can, too! These are 4 easy houseplants to maintain. 

Add Light 

living room seating

You can use one of these amazing tricks to add light to a room or replace a light fixture. You can shop ours here.

Hang Curtains 

how to hang curtains to pleat pretty

The right way! A friend once sent me a photograph and asked how she could improve her window. Her curtains made her window appear small and her ceiling appear low. You can get tips and trick to learn how to hang curtains the right way here!


how to declutter

It’s the new black and my favorite pass time! Print this decluttering checklist, pick a space and get started! Share a photo in our Facebook group Celebrating Simple for your chance to win a $50 gift card to treat yourself!


furniture paint

There’s no quicker fix than a fresh coat of paint. Some ideas include:

Organize a Space

how to declutter

Organization can blend function and design. Choose a space no matter how small or large and get started!

Hang Art

cow painting over breakfast nook table

Purchase a piece or choose from one of these 17 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas and give your space a fresh new look!

Want more of my favorite home decisions? Check them out here.

What’s your favorite tip? Did I miss any quick fixes?