Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet (aka Living Finish)

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Get the details on purchasing an unlacquered brass kitchen faucet (also known as uncoated brass or a living finish), including where to shop, what to look for, and what to expect as it ages!

unlacquered brass kitchen faucet

There’s still so much to share with you about our kitchen remodel, even if it hasn’t been moving right along as we’d hoped. Little has changed since late May, but we’re living in our kitchen and loving it!

I’m excited to share a little about our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet with you today.

First, I wanted to mention that when we started planning our kitchen remodel, Chris and I decided we would not have any element of the kitchen sponsored.

I wanted it to be 100% authentic to our design/taste without even the slightest of compromise. Also, to share a kitchen with a real budget with you.

A kitchen with a sink that has brass fixtures.

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Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet

As with any project, we still had to make a few compromises along the way. One such compromise was with the purchase of our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet.

I have long loved this Barber Wilsons faucet or this Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet, but after a lot of debate, we decided on the Newport Brass Chesterfield Kitchen Faucet with Sidespray.

With the side spray it was significantly less expensive than other options, and had a lot of characteristics that I love.

unlacquered brass kitchen faucet that ages gracefully over time

Why Choose a Living Finish Faucet?

It’s hard to make a timeless decision… one that will stand the test of time and something you’ll love just as much 10 or 20 years from now!

This faucet needed to feel special! Because my style is so minimalistic and simple, I wanted the faucet to be a star in our kitchen.

Unlacquered Brass has no comparison in my eyes. It’s timeless, ages beautifully and cannot be replicated in less expensive formats. Simply put: it’s special!

Is it possible to fall in love with a faucet? I love the delicate knobs that mimic those on our nearby range and that a living finish allows us to choose whether we want the brass to age gracefully or polish to its original state.

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Brass kitchen faucet and sprayer.

Brass Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

More than anything, the sprayer is a life saver! We contemplated on doing without the side sprayer, but I’m so thankful we didn’t.

With our farmhouse sink, it’s almost a necessity to encourage bits of food down the drain. It has made cleaning the farmhouse sink a breeze. Now that we have it, I’m convinced we could never live without it!

A white kitchen with brass accents.

How to Shop for an Unlacquered Brass Faucet

It can be difficult to find true unlacquered brass. And without question, it’s a long-term investment for your kitchens or baths so you’ll want a quality piece that will stand the test of time.

A few tips as you shop for your unlacquered brass faucet:

  • Try to visit high-end kitchen show rooms in person. This can give you a better idea about scale, shape, and details that photos might miss.
  • Order a sample whenever possible. Because brass has become such a popular finish in home design, there are manufacturers who put claim on a variety of “brass” finishes that are certainly NOT true unlacquered brass.
  • Allow plenty of lead time. In many cases, these higher-end kitchen fittings are made to order and can take a long time to receive. Plan ahead for your kitchen renovation needs!
  • True unlacquered brass can genuinely last a lifetime. Be sure to consider a timeless style if you’re investing in a brass kitchen faucet like this… you don’t want to regret your decision down the road by choosing a “trendy” style. Refer to historical kitchens for context and help in choosing a style that will stand the test of time!
A white kitchen with brass accents.

Unlacquered Brass as it Ages

I’ve discussed unlacquered brass in the past in a comprehensive post. It’s a must-read if you’re considering this finish for your kitchens or baths. You also can’t skip Brass Lighting for all my favorite lighting sources throughout our homes!

It’s also referred to as raw brass, uncoated brass, or a living finish. Quite simply, it’s brass that has been stripped of any protective lacquer. This means that it changes as it ages, and you can choose to polish frequently or enjoy the patina over time.

I much prefer the patina of our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet vs. frequent polishing. Oxidation happens fairly quickly in my experience.

One and a half years later, this is how it has aged…

unlacquered brass faucet

An unlacquered brass kitchen faucet is timeless and classic no matter which you select. Do you love a sprayer as much as we do?

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