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Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet aka Living Finish

There’s still so much to share with you about our kitchen remodel, even if it hasn’t been moving right along as we’d hoped. Little has changed since late May, but we’re living in our kitchen and loving it! I’m excited to share a little about our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet with you today.

unlacquered brass kitchen faucet

First, I wanted to mention that when we started planning our kitchen remodel, Chris and I decided we would not have any element of the kitchen sponsored. I wanted it to be 100% authentic to our design/taste without even the slightest of compromise. Also, to share a kitchen with a real budget with you.

living finish - a brass kitchen faucet that ages with time or can be polished

As with any project, we still had to make a few compromises along the way. One was our unlacquered brass kitchen faucet. I have long loved this Barber Wilson’s faucet or this Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet, but after a lot of debate, we decided on the Newport Brass Chesterfield Kitchen Faucet with Sidespray. With the side spray it was significantly less expensive coming in at $975 and had a lot of characteristics that I love…

unlacquered brass kitchen faucet that ages gracefully over time

I love the delicate knobs that mimic those on our nearby range and that a living finish allows us to choose whether we want the brass to age gracefully or polish to it’s original state. More than anything, the sprayer is a life saver! We contemplated on forgoing it, but I’m so thankful we didn’t. With our farmhouse sink, it’s almost a necessity to encourage bits of food down the drain. It has made cleaning the farmhouse sink a breeze.

living finish - a brass kitchen faucet that ages with time or can be polished

An unlacquered brass kitchen faucet is timeless and classic no matter which you select. Do you love a sprayer as much as we do? 


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10 comments on “Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet aka Living Finish”

  1. I like having a sprayer as it really speeds things up. We’re remodeling our house and for our kitchen I purchased the Perrin and Rowe traditional bridge faucet U-4764-ULB in unlaquered brass with similar neck style as yours, lever handles, and side spray. I’ve used brass for the past 31 years in my homes. It’s my favorite and it ages so beautifully.

  2. I do love that faucet, however, I just can’t get into a bridge faucet or handles that have to be turned for a kitchen sink. I often have totally contaminated hands and don’t want to be touching, thus contaminating, my handles. We have lots of unlaquered brass in our kitchen- cabinet hardware and LaCornue range- but I did chrome for my kitchen faucets. I cook full breakfasts and full dinners almost everyday and needed function over beauty for that. If it works for people, I think it’s great! I just know that it wouldn’t work for me. As for sprayers, they are a must for large farmhouse sinks. I couldn’t live without one! We didn’t put a sprayer in our prep sink and I regret that. Even though it is small, it’s hard to get all the peelings down the disposal with one. I’m definitely on Team Sprayer!

    • You’re hilarious! I don’t blame you at all. Have you seen the pedal? Grohe offers one, but it’s compatible with any faucet/any brand. We may add that in at a later date! I tried it at a showhouse I was photographing and LOVED it.

  3. Did you happen to source a matching drain for the faucet? Or did you go with chrome?

  4. Hello! I am considering a brass kitchen faucet. I have always had chrome, but the kitchen has brass accents … so I am looking into it. NBut … how difficult is it to keep clean? Does it tarnish?
    Many thanks!

    • Raw brass does tarnish, you could do a solid polished brass that won’t. Raw is easily restored, but I like how it “weathers.” You can mix and match chrome and brass though, too! I love mixed metals.

  5. Will the polished brass kitchen faucet look the same as unlacquered polished brass. Looking at Waterstone and only seen in unlacquered and love it. But worry over time color will change due to cleaning or polishing. But also the polished brass will not have the same patina.

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