How to Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy {Even if You’re a Minimalist}

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  • Over the weekend, an Instagram follower said “I just love how you are able to make your spaces so cozy and minimal simultaneously. It’s a talent.” I was overwhelmed with joy because that’s exactly how I want our home to feel. Calm, cozy, minimal, but warm. Success!

    tips to make your home feel warm and cozy

    Inspired by her comment, I’m breaking down my tips for a warm and cozy home.

    I’ve always gravitated toward warm and cozy spaces, much like those in Nancy Meyers films {Something’s Gotta Give, Father of the Bride, The Holiday, and so many more} because whether light or dark, the spaces feel thoughtful. Having “white” paint doesn’t mean your home has to feel stark, and being minimal doesn’t have to make your home feel bare.

    Tips to make your home feel warm and cozy:

    1. Select a warm paint color. I’ve broken down my favorites for you! Pssst… gray by nature is cool, so if you want your home to feel warm, use a warm paint color. I also prefer an eggshell or satin sheen because flat feels, well, flat to me. You often see it used in office buildings with stark white walls and basic gray carpet, which doesn’t exactly evoke that cozy feeling. use a warm paint color to make your home feel cozy
    2. Incorporate wood. Wood instantly warms a room, even if just a hint {like this island below}. decorating tip make a home feel cozy with wood
    3. Layer with rugs. tips to make your home feel warm while living minimally
    4. Add texture. You can incorporate it through rugs, window treatments, pillows, art and more {below in shades, furniture and rug}make a home feel warm and cozy by adding texture
    5. Blend old and new. blend old and new to make a home feel warm and cozy
    6. Add something organic in every room. Plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables bring so much life to a space. make your home feel cozy by adding something organic to every room
    7. Bring in small comforts like pillows and throws. make a home feel warm by adding comforts like pillows and throws
    8. Hang pictures at eye level.make a home feel warm and cozy by hanging pictures at eye level
    9. Mix and match. Your furniture doesn’t have to come in a set, and maybe shouldn’t! It feels so much more interesting to mix and match color, style or both. You can see another example in our breakfast room.decorating tips to make a home feel cozy
    10. Use warm metals. make a home feel cozy using warm metals like brass

    You can see all of these decorating tips incorporated into our family room…

    how to make a home feel warm

    When everything has a purpose, you have designed a minimal home that not only blends function and design, but authentically feels warm, cozy and thoughtful.

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