Your nightstand is full of life essentials, of course. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a disaster! Learn all the tips and tricks of nightstand organization.

Whether you’re dealing with multiple drawers or minimal storage, we’ve got a few solutions to create a system you’ll love. Learn about the best nightstand organizers and find out how to stay organized, for good!

A drawer opened with nightstand organization of remotes, lotions and more
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You know how much I love a great nightstand organization project, right? I love sharing our organizing projects in real time, and because I always feel so inspired by a good before and after.

Nightstand Organization

This particular project was a long time coming – we bought new nightstands last year and for some reason we just never got around to setting them up correctly. (Read about the perfect nightstand height here, to get all the info about these pieces as well as Nightstand Decorating Ideas.)

They were such a great addition to our primary bedroom because they added just the right amount of storage we’d been craving. The scale was right, the color was right, the price was right, and the drawers fit everything we needed and then some.

nightstand next to bed

However, as we all know, an empty drawer left unchecked will soon turn into a disaster. That’s why I knew we needed to create a system that would tame the mess!

A drawer opened with nightstand organization of remotes, lotions and more

We’ve chatted about Drawer Organizers before, and I used them in our Bathroom Organization as well. They are one of the most useful organization tools around! They can turn any messy drawer in your home into an efficient, useful drawer space that you’re not ashamed to open.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of eliminated unnecessary items, starting with a blank slate and creating a newly organized spot in your home.

A messy drawer, open prior to nightstand organization
our nightstand drawer, before
A drawer opened with nightstand organization of remotes, lotions and more
our nightstand drawer, after

How to Organize a Nightstand

Let’s get started! Step by step, I promise this is a quick and satisfying little organization project.

  1. Remove everything – Start with a clean slate. Remove everything for a fresh start! Read more about decluttering here. An empty nightstand drawer prior to nightstand organizer
  2. Clean – Just a simple wipe down should suffice. If you’re working with an older piece of furniture, a coat of paint can’t hurt – read all about my system for how to paint without sanding. Wiping an empty nightstand drawer out for organization
  3. Remove excess – Sort items and decide what truly belongs here. For example, did I need a package of rainbow colored pens in my drawer? A bolt of wire to strap down our holiday decorations? No… put it where it goes to start with, friends!
  4. Combine/remove duplicates – Often, you’ll find during the clean out that you’ve got the items you need, or the items you thought you lost, and of course ordered more. (Chargers are the biggest culprit in our house!)
  5. Label – If needed, of course. And if you’re a parent you know that the item that might need a label the most is your charger! A white phone charger cord with a label for nightstand organization
  6. Add inserts – To keep things from shifting and moving, we love to use these bamboo drawer inserts. It separates items, making them so easy to find. Since drawers and your needs are not one-size-fits all, sets of clear or bamboo drawer inserts work well. A bamboo drawer organizer in packaging
  7. Play around – Fit the inserts together like a puzzle to design something that fits the space and your needs.
Bamboo drawer nightstand organizers with lotion inside


  • Eliminate excess.
  • Label the items that benefit from a label – chargers, remotes, etc.
  • Measure the interior of your drawers to ensure the organizer bins will work.
  • Use expandable drawer organizers or assorted sizes for a custom fit.

Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.

–Christina Scalise


7-Piece Acrylic Drawer Organizer Inserts

Acrylic pieces allow you to see everything easily, and the various configurations make customization easy.

Bamboo Wood Drawer Organizer Boxes, Assorted Sizes, 5-Piece Set

Our favorite quality bamboo set of drawer organizers, these fit drawers beautifully and are very sturdy.

Small Double Tiered Cutlery Drawer with Soft-Close Slides, Natural

Two tiers of organization – amazing! Pricey but worth it for the customization it allows.

8 Slot Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Made for cutlery but works beautifully in any drawer system.


These are surprisingly affordable pieces – we painted them Pale Oak and changed the knobs for a custom look!

2 drawer nightstand with brass knobs

More Organization Inspiration


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