7 Ways to Add Light to a Room

LAST UPDATED: Nov 18, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jul 14, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

There are 7 easy ways to add light in a dark room. Get the tips and tricks to make your home feel instantly brighter!

Learn how to add light to a room without a lot of time or expense

One reason I didn’t immediately love our home is because it felt dark. I’m a girl who thrives on light, preferably natural. By mid-winter, it’s just not pretty. Without going to the expense of adding windows, there are 7 ways to add light in a dark room!

How to Add Light

Remove Screens

Do you use your screens? If you’re allergy intolerant or just don’t mind a few flies if you open the windows, remove your screens! Test just one & you will see the light! The same applies to storm windows.

Example: Screens & interior blinds were removed to add light {& provide a better view}. Photos were taken with the same camera settings – you can see how overexposed the second photograph is! Don’t mind Ani enjoying her breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ We utilize little moments like this to complete small home projects!

7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

Rethink Curtains

Make the curtain rod extend well past the width of the window, so just an inch or so of the curtain hits the window, making the window appear larger & not blocking any light. There are a couple of great tips for hanging curtains on Pottery Barn.

ideas to make your home feel cozy for fall

Learn how to add light to a room without a lot of time or expense


If you follow my blog, you know that I love soft neutral paint colors, especially cream paint colors. Just one of the many reasons why they’re a favorite of mine is because they reflect light.

Use an eggshell or satin sheen (never ever flat) and you won’t believe the difference it makes – immediately! Get the details for all of my favorite paint colors and their LRV (light reflective value) here.

Add or Replace Light Fixtures

Not all light fixtures are created equal. Take into consideration how shades, glass covers and pendants shield the light when purchasing. Some offer exponentially more than others.

You can find my favorites in my shop!

7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

Example: This walk-in closet originally had just one 60 watt bulb. I added a chandelier that really brightened up a small, dark space!

Replace Light Bulbs

Are you using the maximum wattage? Are you using soft or bright white? All of these factors could add up to additional light. In each home we’ve purchased, I’ve gone though the house to make all of the lightbulbs cohesive. I cringe at yellow lights!


The few lights we didn’t replace in our last house were removed and cleaned. It’s unbelievable how much years of dust can reduce the amount of light that filters through.

Replace your Front Door

We replaced an etched glass & wood front door with a traditional 9 light front door. While the wood to glass ratio was higher, it allowed significantly more light, filtering to the foyer, dining room, living room & hearth room. It may have been the best $1,000 we spent at that house!

7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

It’s amazing how much light we have added in the last week. I can see clearly now, the dark is gone! 

7 easy ways to add light to your home

Do you have any additional tips I missed?