Fall Living Room

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Get tips and tricks for adding cozy, warm harvest decor to your living room for fall. Create your own fall flower basket for a style that is both rustic and refined.

Pulled back view into a living room decorated for fall, pumpkins and wheat on coffee table and fireplace burning in background. #fallharvestdecor

If you’re anything like me, it can be difficult to think of fall decorating when the temps are still soaring well into the 90s here in the Midwest. That’s why I always like to consider my transitional decor as a slow, comfortable way of easing into the season.

If you’ve been reading for long, you know that I am not one for over-the-top seasonal decor, but I love to incorporate the warmth and coziness of those transitions! 

I do love simple methods of incorporating the sights, flavors and smells of the season. Check out 8 ways to make your home smell great, and the best fall cookie round up! 

White sofa in living room in front of large window.

Fall Floral Touches

One of my favorite ways to easily transition into the early days of fall is with touches of fall-inspired fresh flowers. I love to look to our local landscaping and gardens to know what’s local and seasonally appropriate! Thankfully, our local grocery stores are great about sourcing fresh flowers from local farmers. (Get all my best tips for buying flowers at Trader Joe’s right here!) I love supporting these growers and I love the joy that I get from creating my own arrangements!

Built in book shelves with a tray of liquor, basket of flowers and blue and white plates. #falllivingroom

For this year’s fall decor in our living room, I created beautiful flower baskets for a hint of  gathered, harvest-inspired decor. I love that they reflect on fall’s bounty and feel farm fresh- and they are so simple to create! For the baskets that I filled on my living room shelves, I chose fresh sedum. It’s long-lasting and locally grown, and I love that the colors are so faded, soft and warm. It’s beautiful in our outdoor landscaping, so why not bring it indoors to enjoy as well?

Living room fireplace burning with artwork above and bookshelves on the side. #falllivingroom

How to Create a Fall Flower Basket

It’s so easy and I bet you have a basket lying around that will make this style of arrangement a total cinch! Don’t overthink it- creating your own fall flower basket is beyond easy! 

Shelves featuring a basket of fall sedum, blue and white plates as decor.
  1. Using pruning shears, clip your sedum stems to the proper length. Use your vessel (in this case the basket) to measure. Allow several inches of stem above the height of the basket so that they have space to lean a little.
  2. Fill 1-2 vases with water to insert inside the basket. For these baskets, I used two lower cylinder vases that would easily hold the stems.
  3. Place the sedum stems in the vase or vases and allow your clippings to fall as they may. That’s the beauty of them! You’ll want them to have some varying height and creep over the edge of the basket for your proportions to look right.
  4. These baskets required 5 bundles of sedum per container. You could certainly get away with using less if you incorporate some loose greenery to fill in the space! 
Large basket place on bookshelf, filled with fresh flowers. #falldecor

Quick tip: Another bloom that works beautifully when gathered in baskets is hydrangea. The fluffy, sturdy heads are gorgeous when grouped together in this low format- so try hydrangea if you can’t find sedum near you! Bonus- at this time of year hydrangea transition incredibly well into a dried arrangement, so you can leave them out indefinitely. Get all my best tips for creating hydrangea centerpieces right here! 

Living room fireplace burning with artwork above and bookshelves on the side. #falllivingroom

Harvest Inspired Fall Decor

Following along with the theme of harvest that is woven throughout our living room, I used this beautiful image of waving wheat on our tv that looks like art! I just love the soft colors and the reminder of the season’s bounty- and it ties in beautifully with the laurel wreath that I hung over the range in our kitchen nearby. 

Living room fireplace burning with artwork above and bookshelves on the side. #falllivingroom

For anther botanical touch, I switched out the artwork in this corner for an autumn-inspired print. I love the muted colors of the foliage and it’s a simple way to change the feel of your room without adding more nail holes to your walls! 

Living room featuring a white sofa, build in bookshelves, and fall decor such as a candle, fall foliage and white pumpkins on coffee table in foreground. #fallliviingroom #harvestdecor

Our side table basket filled with cozy throws is preparing us for chilly fall mornings as well. The simple addition of a fragrant candle and an easy grouping of fall grasses creates the sweetest little coffee table vignette! 

Looking down on corner of white sofa, soft blue throw over the arm. Stack of white heirloom pumpkins to the side. #falllivingroom

Heirloom Pumpkins

Another sign of the season’s bounty? Heirloom pumpkins! How can you go wrong with incorporating these soft beautiful fall colors into your home? I’ve used them in every room in years past- remember our heirloom pumpkin fireplace

Wooden coffee table with white sofa and window in background, white pumpkins, candle and vase of fall foliage as decor. #falllivingroom #harvestdecor

While I loved that look so much, I have to say that one of the best decisions we’ve made in our home is last year’s conversion of our fireplace to gas logs. I love switching the fireplace on in the mornings and enjoying this cozy space- it’s just so warm and inviting! Something about a fire just draws our entire family together.

Living room fireplace burning with artwork above and bookshelves on each side. #falllivingroom

Fall Floral Tutorials to Inspire You

If you loved this simple fall floral basket idea, you’ll love these easy floral arrangements as well! 

White sofa in living room, window behind. White pumpkin on coffee table in foreground. #falllivingroom

Feeling inspired? Looking for more ideas for amazing fall decorations? Make your home smell like fall with this Potpourri. I love to share! I’m so happy you’ve joined me for a little peek into our living room decorated for fall. How are you incorporating the warmth of this season into your home? I’d love to hear! Be sure to leave a comment or join us over at Celebrating Simple over on Facebook.