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Sisal Rugs {You Can Actually Clean}

Easy to clean Sisal Rugs.

how to clean sisal rug

I love sisal rugs. They’re natural, neutral and easily transition with each season. However, I don’t love the dust/dirt {have you ever looked under yours, the horror!} and inability to clean. 

Last December, we purchased a chenille and sisal rug – it was so beautiful and the perfect fit for our living room, but not our lifestyle. We have an asphalt driveway that despite all efforts, transfers onto surfaces inside our home, including the rug. Even worse, if you follow along on Instagram you know that I don’t exactly have a steady hand with red wine.

sisal rug

Needless to say, the rug didn’t fare well. We attempted to clean it but it changed the color of the sisal and given it’s natural fibers, the stain didn’t budge much.

There’s a time and a place for everything and I’ll always have a place in my heart for sisal rugs, but I found an alternative to sisal rugs that looks and even feels like sisal, but wipes and hoses clean.

sisal rugs

After an extensive Google search, I found Sisal Rugs Direct and worked with them to design a rug that fit our living room and our lifestyle.

Even better, they’re custom made so you can have it made to fit a room, select your color, texture and binding! It’s the easy and inexpensive solution I have been looking for to have my sisal and enjoy it, too!

How to Clean a Sisal Rug Indoor/Outdoor:

  • Spot clean with a damp, white cloth or white paper towels. Blot, don’t rub.
  • For red wine {not that I would need it} dampen a white cloth with club soda and blot clean.
  • Hose rug clean with water, clear dish soap if needed and allow to dry.

sisal rug

How to Purchase Sisal Carpet:

  • Select your favorite textures
  • Select your favorite colors
  • Choose a binding that fits your style/lifestyle
  • Order samples
  • Measure your space {2′ from each wall for a living room or 2+’ longer than each side of the table for a dining room
  • Order

easy to clean sisal rug

This sisal carpet is available in a more natural color {dune}, but I selected a softer neutral for the family room {frost}. It works well with the wall color and for a soft, calming space. You can shop them here.

8 comments on “Sisal Rugs {You Can Actually Clean}”

  1. Hi Julie, What color did you choose? With a Bernese Mountain dog sisal rugs are very forgiving! xo laura

  2. Can you link to the one you got?

    • It’s custom, so I can’t really link to it, but if you follow this link and select Belize for the pattern and Frost for the color, and outdoor binding, you can add your dimensions to have one made. Enjoy!

  3. So you got one that sisal and coated it or did you get the polypropylene one? 

  4. Hello — I am wondering if you are still happy with this faux sisal rug. I ordered a sample and it is very pretty. Am considering it for several rooms and may even consider for a stair runner. If I use it as a runner, I will not be able to “hose off.” Do you think it is easy enough to spot clean for that purpose? Thanks

    • I absolutely love it! I’m having a stair runner installed next as well. I have yet to hose mine off. Vacuuming has kept it spotless so far, I only used a wet paper towel once to wipe a spot.

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