Easy Entertaining Ideas for Fall

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I embrace all things fall. The flavors of my favorite foods, the scent of a cool breeze and the vastly changing color palette. It just feels communal – everyone is outdoors, getting together for various activities and it tends to feel busier than ever, but I love every minute of it.

easy entertaining ideas for fall and a beautiful fall table setting

All too often, we push off until tomorrow what we’d like to do today with the excuse that we’re too busy. Sometimes we just need to rethink how we do things and grant ourselves a little leniency. Yes, I love to cook and have friends over, but I don’t always have time to plan, shop and prepare a meal. Rather than schedule something months in advance, I prefer to take a fresh approach to entertaining, hosting a few friends, casually. Today I’m sharing some of my easy entertaining ideas, like that it’s okay to order takeout, in fact, that’s how my business started! I prepared food that looked like it was made at home for customers to pick up and serve to their guests.

To make the table feel special, I chose ingredients inspired by the food. This fall floral arrangement takes just 5 minutes to make and lasts for weeks! To create this look, you’ll need:


cheesecloth {found at the grocery store}

bunch of seeded eucalyptus

pillar candles

How to create a fall flower arrangement:

  1. Place your cheesecloth in the center of your table. Inexpensive cheesecloth makes a beautiful tablecloth and sets a soft tone
  2. Determine where you want the center of your flower arrangement. Place a stem of seeded eucalyptus at each end and continue to layer them until you reach the center. diy flowers thanksgiving  diy flowers thanksgiving  diy holiday flowers
  3. Add your largest pillar to the center and stagger them throughout. You can nudge eucalyptus aside if needed. Entertaining expert Julie Blanner Lifestyle Blogger Julie Blanner flower arrangement from grocery store flowers
  4. Add in apples to fill any holes and to add a pop of color. holiday entertaining grocery store flowers How to arrange flowers

It really is that easy!

beautiful fall table setting

Add a glass of frosted cranberries for an illuminating glow | fall entertaining

Holiday entertaining just got a lot easier, too! Cheers to spending more time celebrating fall!

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