Get the best tips for purchasing and designing Trader Joe’s flowers. We’re guiding you to learn when to shop, which flowers to buy, and how to make beautiful flower arrangements, too.

Trader Joe’s is an excellent source for fresh flowers for all of life’s special occasions. With affordable price points and seasonal availability, there is something for everyone!

A green potting bench with a white vase full of Trader Joe's flowers
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Unless you’re new here, you already know my love for flowers. They bring me so much joy! I love the relaxation of designing my own blooms, and the pride I feel when I’ve created something beautiful. Sharing my favorite tips and tricks with all of you is also a joy of mine!

It’s one of my favorite stores to buy flowers. With these tips on selecting flowers, you can sbe your own florist!

A white living room with an arrangement of white Trader Joe's flowers in a vase on the coffee table.

Trader Joe’s Flowers

Luckily, they almost always have a wide selection of beautiful blooms. While you can buy the classic “grocery store bundle” as I call it, I often gravitate towards the more seasonal options.

The seasonal or higher-end selections are bundled in groups of singular blooms and have a tendency to be the softer, more romantic style that I favor. 

To make a Trader Joe’s flower arrangement on a budget, you can use a bunch or two of more expensive seasonal favorites (like peonies) or staples like roses with an abundance of fillers. 

A green potting bench with a white vase full of Trader Joe's flowers

Why I Love Trader Joe’s Flowers

Affordable – Their prices are often the lowest, even lower than Costco.

Selection – They always have beautiful, textural blooms that I can use to create something fabulous.

Seasonal – One of our favorite reason to shop Trader Joe’s flowers is because the selection changes with the seasons!

A white living room with an arrangement of white Trader Joe's flowers in a vase on the coffee table.


  • Shop Early – For the best selection, head to TJ’s as soon as they open! The selection will always be best after fresh shipments. Most stores open at 8AM.
  • Ask for a Bucket – They are happy to give them away when you are buying fresh flowers! They’ll give you wine boxes to carting the flowers home, too.
  • Call Ahead – If you’re looking for something specific, I’ve found the employees to be so helpful! See if they’re willing to check the inventory and see if your request is available.
  • Traditional Favorites – My most frequent purchase? I love that they almost always have bunches of hydrangea in a variety of colors. It’s the perfect vase filler and I can often get several smaller vases filled with just one bunch of hydrangea!
  • Be Flexible – Finally, if you’re hoping to use Trader Joe’s flowers for a special event, stay flexible. Be willing to work outside of your most desired blooms – and having a flexible color scheme in mind really helps, too.
A white living room with an arrangement of white Trader Joe's flowers in a vase on the coffee table.

Favorite Trader Joe’s Flowers

Click through to see the tutorials to design your own arrangements with these blooms. Grab a favorite flower vase and let’s get started – we’re guiding you every step of the way with my favorite florist secrets!

Many of the blooms listed above are available only during select months of the year, but that’s what makes it fun! 

A green potting bench with a bucket of Trader Joe's flowers.

Favorite Fillers and Greenery

Trader Joe’s offers many fillers for under $5! 

  • Heather
  • Italian Ruskus
  • Olive Branches
  • Myrtle
  • Variegated Pittosporum
  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus
  • Grevillea
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Poms
  • Feverfew
  • Wax Flower
  • Mini carnations
  • Gyp or Baby’s Breath
  • Holly (seasonal)
  • Cedar (seasonal)
A white living room with an arrangement of white Trader Joe's flowers in a vase on the coffee table.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days in advance should you buy flowers?

If I’m prepping flowers for an event, I like to walk the fine line between too early (risking the flowers won’t hold up) and too late (risking I won’t have time to make arrangements).
Ideally, I buy flowers two days before I want them to look their very best for an event or gift!

Can you order flowers from Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is my go-to because they get new flowers in each morning. This means that you never know what you’re going to get!
However, you can always work with an employee to order/reserve flowers, but this depends on seasonal availability and pricing can vary. If you’re ordering ahead, make sure to ask about pricing.

What type of plants does Trader Joe’s carry? 

Trader Joe’s sells a variety of plants at fabulous price points, with seasonal options throughout the year. Look for potted orchids, forced bulbs, fragrant herbs and so much more!

Does Trader Joes have blue flowers?

Trader Joe’s often has a beautiful blue hydrangea, and they frequently carry my favorite blue thistle as well.

Why are Trader Joe’s flowers so cheap?

TJ’s has inexpensive flowers because they work directly with growers and buy in bulk quantities. Then they pass the discount on to the consumers, placing them at the front of the store to encourage guests to purchase!

How much do Trader Joe’s flowers cost?

At our Midwestern location, most of the floral bunches range from just $4-$20!

A green potting bench with a bucket of Trader Joe's flowers.

Floral Ideas

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  1. I bought Lillies (my favorite) at Trader Joe’s two weeks ago and they are still going. Most of them started to open right away and those will be done and over tomorrow, but one opened last week, and one is just opening now. I am not familiar with the type…they are almost ruffled as they open, white and pink, and amazingly fragrant. Oh, and the cost worked out to $1.00 for each flower. You cannot beat Trader Joe’s for flowers!!

      1. I’m trying to figure out the name of some flowers that we bought at Trader Joe’s and it just says stock flowers is that a real name of a flower or is that like a stock photo just a standard flower? I’ve used a flower identification app to figure it out and it doesn’t help. I can send you a picture but basically they come in different colors they’re like the size or a little bigger than a quarter like a half dollar and then they have little offshoots on them they kind of look like a cross between a carnation and a rose?? Thanks for your help!

        1. I assume you figured this out already, but the flower is actually called “stock” and comes in white, pink, and a few other shades.

        2. Hi Erica,
          Yes, we have a whole post dedicated to Stock. I love it, it’s one of my longtime favorite fragrances.
          Have a beautiful week!

  2. Hi! Loving your blog and all the helpful tips! I am planning on making my centerpieces for my baby shower in March. I am going to do hydrangeas (3 per vase) with a couple of eucalyptus in each (unless you suggest otherwise). I’m trying to figure out what size vase I will need to purchase for these centerpieces. Each table can hold 8-10 people and I’m anticipating around 40 – 50 people. Therefore, I’m planning on two arrangement per table.

    If you could help me figure out the best vase ( open to glass or a light wood finish ) I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Tara! Congratulations! I prefer hydrangea on their own. You can learn more about creating hydrangea centerpieces here. For just 3 stems in a vase I’d choose a low vase (about 5×5) and cut the heads to rest just slightly above it. You can test one first.

      1. I need to order flowers for my niece’s wedding can I get them from Trader Joe’s in Annapolis