Look right outside your door for the best inspiration from nature for your fall decorations. These natural fall decorating ideas embrace the beauty of the outdoors and bring it inside for all to enjoy.

As the kids go back in school and the air is cool, crisp and comfortable, it’s so easy to get excited about decorating for fall.

But what really gets me excited is that my very favorite fall decorations are often free. That’s because I love to be inspired by our own backyard and items we already have!

kitchen with fall branch hanging over the window

It doesn’t have to require a lot of time or money. In fact, it doesn’t require shopping at all! Many of these natural fall decorating ideas are simple and actually free!

When I think of fall, two things immediately come to mind – pumpkin spice and the beauty of the outdoors. As the leaves begin to change and colors in the environment turn from the vivid colors of summer to the more dramatic colors of autumn, it’s time to embrace the changes with fall decorations, too.

Those of you familiar with my fall decorating over the years know that I love integrating natural fall elements like pumpkin decor, and especially foraged finds. These, in combination with store-bought flowers and pumpkins, create such an easy and inexpensive natural fall look!

A simple fall flower arrangement in a glass vase next to a white kitchen window.

That’s what today’s post is about… bringing the outdoors in, without the burden of hauling crates of fall decor out of the attic. In fact, most of the ideas in this post are easily recyclable and affordable, too.

As you might already know, I’m something of a minimalist. I’ve shared my favorite Minimalist Fall Decor with you, and today we’re focusing on natural fall decorating ideas if you’re feeling the minimalist vibes this season, too!

Decorating with Natural Elements

Through the years I’ve shared an abundance of natural fall decorations – so I’m rounding them up into one easy guide! Fall decorating has never been more fun!

This post lists 17 of my favorite natural fall decorating ideas. And there are so many more where this came from! We love sharing our home with you, no matter the season.

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for outdoors

Check out my Fall Porch Decor Ideas and Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas for more inspiration! Have you seen these fun Halloween decorating ideas yet? And don’t skip Fall Living Room Decor inspiration for a few more of my favorite autumn ideas.

Natural Fall Decorations

Find inspiration for beautiful, natural fall decorations that are anything but cheesy!

Nature-inspired decorating can bring a room to life and won't consume space in your home throughout the year. Just look outdoors for inspiration to bring indoors.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of our natural fall decor and will use these ideas as inspiration as you decorate your home for the season.

laurel wreath made of wheat hanging over range in kitchen

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A house with three garages, simple plants and lights for decor.

More Fall Inspiration

Fall Cocktails

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  1. Julie, your floral arrangement is just perfect for fall! Light enough to be pretty, yet including the feel of fall, nonetheless. So many lovely subtle touches. Beautiful!!

  2. Hi Julie!

    First of all, thank you so much for joining us! And as you know, I’ve been a fan of your simple but stylish blog forever and it’s no surprise that you have again pulled off an effortless way of incorporating fall without going over the top!

    Your flowers are gorgeous! And I love the pumpkins scattered here and there in an almost sculptural way. And I can I tell you a secret? I plop my mums into the pots as well. No re-potting for this girl:)

    So very glad to have you with us… happy fall!


  3. Love all of your natural accents Julie and one of the things that caught my eye is how your garage doors are painted in the same tones as the rest of your exterior. That was a much debated subject here when we had the house painted a few months back!

  4. Julie,
    1st off let me say I’m so glad your house and d├ęcor is not the same o same o white everything in the house!! I love the darker pieces you have in your home and its so refreshing and different than what everyone else seems to be doing. All that white gets to be boring after a while. In a year or two, they are going to be stripping all those painted pieces and wish they hadn’t painted them at all! Your home is cozy and inviting and especially warm looking. Interior design, just like fashion, changes because the mundane goes away and something new takes its place. I’m thinking the darker colours will be here for interiors very soon. Well done you!!

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I truly appreciate your thoughtful comment. I actually want to strip a piece I painted 6 years ago to restore it to it’s original beauty and integrity! The regret! I feel wood makes a home feel warm, though I love calm, light and bright interiors! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  5. I always first thing about decorating with nature for fall and I do the same thing just placing the potted flowers in pots. Great ideas and happy fall!