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Everyday Centerpiece

Learn how to create an everyday centerpiece from your own back yard that will last weeks!

everyday centerpiece

Our Seasons of Home holiday series continues with fall table settings. I’ve designed a number of fall table settings and centerpieces through the years including this always popular apple centerpiece, this elegant table setting that was featured by Better Homes and Gardens and this vegetable table runner.

how to make a centerpiece from your own backyard

Just when I think I can’t create something new, I look out the window. You can almost always find beautiful branches in your own backyard. We have a few crab apple trees that offer rustic branches with a pop of color, but you can use any branch to recreate this everyday centerpiece.

fall centerpiece

While I designed this everyday centerpiece for fall, you can forage seasonal finds like cherry blossoms, pines, evergreens, magnolias, crepe myrtles, holly and more!

fall table decorations

For fall, I highly recommend anything with “berries” or those with changing colors. Either will create a memorable, everyday centerpiece that you can enjoy for weeks. The beauty of fall is that they only look more rustic and beautiful as they dry.

everyday centerpiece

Feel free to throw in additional elements from your own backyard like pinecones and acorns!

everyday centerpiece

I have  a video of this everyday centerpiece coming soon, but until then, here’s the step-by-step to create this easy fall centerpiece!

everyday centerpiece

  1. Place a branch at each end of the table, with leaves/berries pointing toward the edge.
  2. Stagger them, as to make them extension of the existing branch and tuck the stems under the other branch.
  3. Remove any excess leaves to balance the centerpiece.
  4. Stagger candles, starting with the larger candle in the middle, and nestle them behind leaves or to cover up the end of branches.

everyday centerpiece

You can see how I used crab apple tree branches in the kitchen here and entryway here!

table decoraitons

You can shop this fall table setting here:

everyday centerpiece

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10 comments on “Everyday Centerpiece”

  1. Who knew crab apple branches could be so chic!? This is so lovely!! I’d plant a crab apple tree in my back yard, but the deer would eat it before I could use it to decorate. Lol.

    Love this, Julie! You certainly have a gift!

    xo Michael

  2. Simplicity at its finest! I want to give this a try with elderberry clippings! I love that this will last a bit longer than a typical centerpiece! 

  3. Love this elegant simplicity!

  4. You have such a talent of making simple look stunning!

  5. Really like the texture those branches bring and the tiny pops of color of the crabapples! And I love the shot of your whole dining room– what a great view you have!

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