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Linen Cabinet | Family Room Organization

How to organize your linens | living room organization ideas

As I’ve been designing our “new” home, I have been analyzing our storage and organization needs, especially since we’ve removed a few walls which included 2 closets and a lot of cabinetry. Thoughtful organization goes a long way for maintaining a clean, clutter free home and my sanity. I usually start by rethinking pieces we already have and love whenever possible. My antique wardrobe is a family heirloom. Upon moving into our home, I decided to repurpose it from Ani’s “dresser” to a linen cabinet in our family room. It nestled in perfectly between two windows and is one of the first things you see when you enter our home, giving it a little warmth.

Living room organization - linen closet

One of my guilty pleasures in life is transitioning pillow covers, throws and candles with the seasons, updating the color palette, textures and scents throughout our home. Rather than store them in bins in the basement, I like to keep them accessible, so I turned the wardrobe into a functional linen cabinet.

living room organization ideas - create a linen cabinet

Living room organization - linen closet

There’s plenty of room to store excess pillows and if needed, a few guest coats.

living room organization ideas - how to organize linens

I’ve organized pillow covers by season and size so that when I’m in the mood to update them, it just takes a moment.

How to organize your linens | living room organization ideas


Living room organization ideas

I also use the linen cabinet to store a few of our favorite board games, utilizing every last inch.

You can rethink an old dresser, sideboard, or wardrobe that you own or find or turn a cluttered closet into linen cabinet with very little effort. I love that ours is fits into our decor and serves a purpose. I’ll be sharing more of our home organization this month as we try to move on from construction and into function. Three days of rain has proven to be great motivation! Do you plan to organize this month?

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27 comments on “Linen Cabinet | Family Room Organization”

  1. That is a beautiful cabinet! Closets are nice, but I love the options that individual storage pieces provide. You can move them from room to room and space to space as storage needs (and decorating schemes) change.

  2. I love the way how you decorated your house, very clean and not cluttered at all. Unlike a lot of others who simply follow the trend and their houses starts to look very similar and cluttered with lots of decorative items.

    A few years ago most people wanted their kitchen cabinets to be black, now everyone wants it white, though both black and white looks nice, but you have made your kitchen very modern with a few touches, you’ve got amazing creative talent. Loved reading your blog and seeing all the pictures.

    • Thank you, Laya! I really appreciate your kindness and hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays! I’m not too trendy because I don’t have the energy to redecorate every year or patience to dust daily. My goal is to create a warm home for our family and friends that is also functional.

  3. I really love this idea. An elegant way to create more storage.

  4. Oh my! I have an antique wardrobe closet just like yours. I mean it looks exactly like that one except it has a small bird, I think it is a Robbin, picture that is on the top door. Maybe this was added by someone? And the hanging rod goes the opposite way, front to back instead of side to side. I love how you used yours. I was wondering what to use it for when my daughter no longer used it as an Armoire in her room. Great idea, thank you for sharing.
    Teri : )

  5. Where is your wardrobe closet from? Beautiful.

  6. I’m having a woodworker make an armoire for me and love your linen cabinet. Would you mind sharing the dimensions so I can get the proportions right on mine?


  7. What is on the front of the doors? I have something similar that is made of cedar, the doors have mirrors. I love the dark color!

  8. how much is it worth I have a similar one

    • It’s invaluable to me – I have no idea, sorry!

    • Hi Yolanda,You had mentioned to Julie that you had a similar linen cabinet.Is yours an heirloom as well? If not and you purchased it somewhere you could recommend I would appreciate knowing.I’m looking for something similar and small like that for my daughter’s room.Thank you,Elaine DeNault.My email

  9. Hi Julie,I LOOOOVE your linen cabinet&wanted to purchase it until,with great disappointment,realized it was a family heirloom! It looks small enough&of simple design to put in my daughter’s small bedroom.Do you know where I can purchase something of quality&reasonable price($300-$500)that resembles your piece? i would really appreciate your help,Thank you,Elaine DeNault

    • No, but I would take the photo to local antique stores. Often their dealers have things they’re willing to sell that aren’t in store and they will do a “call” for an item. I bet you’ll come across one! Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. Hi, what stain did you use to get this color? It’s beautiful!

  11. Hi Julie, How nice to have this family heirloom and so creative of you to transform its function occasionally! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Janet

  12. pretty linen cabinet

  13. Hello! We have the SAME armoire. It has also been in my family a long time. My brother currently has it and has considered parting with it. Now that I see it in your home though, I’m looking into ways I can ship it cross country because I have realized I don’t want to lose it. Do you happen to know anything about the armoire itself? We don’t know when/where it was first purchased…thanks! 

  14. Hi Julie! Love your style. Wondering if you could share the paint color on the wall in these photos? 

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