Did you know most paintings and prints from your favorite stores are actually public domain art? I’m sharing the best art sources that you can download for free.

Print them on paper, book cloth or canvas to create a beautiful piece of art for your walls, without the expense.

A bedroom with a rattan headboard and a piece of free public domain art above the bed.

Choosing art for your walls can be overwhelming and expensive. It’s intimidating to choose something so significant, especially when it’s considered such a long term investment.

However, did you know that you can find so many art sources on the internet for free? Yes, completely free! It’s one of my favorite Designer Secrets.

I love creative, inexpensive art. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be a combination of high and low to get The Look for Less. Frame any of these free art pieces to add vintage, historic art to your home, or go for a modern look with museum quality art and framing.

You can also use them on a Frame TV to create the look of gorgeous art in your home, whenever your tv isn’t on. It’s so smart, and such a beautiful way to integrate the look of historic art into your home!

A bedroom with a rattan headboard and a piece of free public domain art above the bed.

Robert Salmon | Similar Public Domain Clipper Ship Art

Art Sources

Public Domain Art Ideas


Here’s a few ideas to some gorgeous pieces, with links to some favorites you might enjoy!

A painting of blue clouds and ocean from the public domain art sources.

James Ward | Sky Study

John Contstable | Cloud Study

Public domain art source of Dorset cliffs by Thomas Girtin.

Thomas Girtin| Dorset Cliffs

watercolor of path by trees and grasses

Constant Tryon

landscape painting of a bardn

Paul Gabriël | Farm in the Open Fields

landscape art in public domain of cows by water

Almy’s Pond, Newport

A pale pastel public domain painting of a sailboat in the ocean.

John Christian Schetky | Boats Sailing

A modern blue and green cornfield landscape painting from public domain art source.

Fons Heijnsbroek | Ripe Cornfield

hand drawn picture of a horse

Henry Alken | Horse from Sporting Sketches

sketch of 3 dogs in green grass

Henry Alken | Hounds from Sporting Sketches

english setter with landscape behind

English Setter from Cassell’s Illustrated Book of the Dog

cream mudroom with brick floors, art and coats on hooks

I paid $150 for this print 6 years ago before realizing it could be printed free of charge!

If you find art you love at one of your favorite stores, upload the photo (learn how to find an image source) and seek a result in the public domain.

Studio McGee Art

We all love the look of everything Studio McGee does! I’m such a fan of this look and I know many of you are, too.

They are especially talented at choosing art work that enhances a room with warm, soft tones that blend beautifully with today’s decorating styles.

A living room with white sofas and white walls, with a wood accent table and framed public domain Studio McGee art.

Much of the Studio McGee art is public domain! It’s so easy to choose pieces you love and incorporate them into your home.

For example, this stunning piece that we have in our home. I love the neutral colors, muted landscape and calm feel. It’s one of the many ways I hope to make our home feel calm and cozy.

landscape painting in shades of blue

Carlos de HaesVillerville Beach

Can I print and sell public domain images?

Yes, you can do this. Once a piece of art has entered the public domain, it’s legally acceptable to print and sell.

Is it legal to sell art prints?

You may do this as long as they are not protected by copyright. This generally refers to artists who are no longer living, so be sure to choose art from sources that are truly safe.


  • Choose art that reflects what you love
  • Make sure to download a size that will fit with a standard frame if you’re trying to keep things inexpensive.
  • Choose the biggest file size available for the best print quality
  • Choose a quality paper for a more high end result.

Where to Print Public Domain Art

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  1. Hi Julie: What wonderful information! There is a softly colored abstract that you showed during the beginning of the video. Can you tell me what that painting is called? I tried to upload the photo without the frame, but I think I did something wrong. Thank you for your wonderful videos!

  2. I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing! I am definitely going to be printing one or two from the favorites you listed! I love the Cotton candy clouds painting by studio McGee. I am having a hard time finding out if it’s in the public domain. How do we go about finding the source of a painting? Thank you for your help!