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Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Effortless Halloween decorating ideas

If and when I accomplish something, it’s almost always at the last minute. Maybe I work better under pressure or maybe I’m just a master procrastinator, but it’s always worked for me, even if I look like I’ve been hit by a bus. I’m excited to join the Buffalo Styling Co Halloween home tours today today share my last minute Halloween ideas. Halloween just might be the easiest holiday to decorate for!

Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations

How to decorate for Halloween:

  1. Don’t clean. Resist the temptation, consider it a blessing. I told you this would be easy! It just so happens that I’m best at making a mess and I’ll take this holiday and make it an excuse to leave our home a little aloof. If a few leaves blow indoors, embrace it. Feathers start flying out of your sofa, rejoice! Bonus points for dust. Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations
  2. Make a mess. Let things be in disarray. Reposition your furniture, throw a bottle or two on the floor. Isn’t this fun? Effortless Halloween decorating ideas
  3. Use sheets to cover your furniture to make your home look vacant. Hmmm, I wonder who lived here before? Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations
  4. Give just a hint that something is amiss, like toes peeking out from under the sheet. Skeletons are so fun and versatile, don’t you think?Effortless Halloween decorating ideas
  5. Another reason I love Halloween is that it’s the one time of year we can celebrate that we’ve killed a plant or have dead flowers lying around. Showcase them! easy Halloween ideas | decorate for Halloween in minutes effortless and beautiful last minute Halloween decorating ideas
  6. Add a skeleton to a chair, sofa or bench indoors or out. He’ll definitely take guests by surprise. Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations

These last minute Halloween decorating ideas are just subtle enough that when kids peek into your door  this Halloween they’ll wonder if your house is always this strange.

Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations

Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations

Last minute Halloween ideas

Last minute Halloween ideas | easy Halloween decorations

I’ve cooked up a Halloween table as well. He’s well done. You can see more here.

Pretty Halloween decorating ideas from lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner

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entertaining expert and lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner



20 comments on “Last Minute Halloween Ideas”

  1. Ha, love the idea of covering your furniture and having the skeleton under it. And the dead flowers 😉 !!! That’s awesome

  2. ha! i love that creepy skeleton peeping out from the sheet covered chair- great idea!

  3. Julie I love your creativity and these tips are perfect! Amazing job as always – xo!

  4. Ok, now I need a table skeleton! 🙂

  5. Fantastic – I love new things that aren’t on every blog! Thank you

  6. Okay, so I honestly never thought I would NEED a life-size skeleton. Now you’ve give me two reasons to buy one. Just love it, J to the B! That table is seriously one of my favorite things I’ve seen all season. BRAVO! 🙂

    xo Michael

  7. Love the sheet covered chair!!! Thanks so much for joining Julie!! 🙂

  8. I like the way you think! No weekend cleaning for me! Love the cute ideas-

  9. Very cute,love the leaves and wine bottle idea. 🙂

  10. Love, love love the quick and easy decorations

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