Dried Flower Arrangements

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I say decorating with dried flowers, but it’s true, at one time they were fresh, while they lived in our home. Fortunately, these are not plants that I killed {though I am often guilty of that}. These are flowers I integrated into our home for fall, that became even more beautiful with time. Dried Flower Arrangements can add a lot of beauty without a lot of fuss!

dried flower arrangements

You may recall these dried flowers from this year’s fall home tour. If I’m going to go to the effort to decorate for a season, I want it to last all season. This is possible, even without faux flowers and trees. I love using fresh flowers and branches – it requires less time, storage and doesn’t leave a footprint.

dried flower arrangement with hydrangea and sedum

Dried flower arrangements lose a little of their color, which fits nicely with our palette. Some can even be used year after year, like hydrangea.

dried hydrangea - easy decorating ideas that last years

I watered these flowers until they started to dry, naturally. At that point, I removed them from the vase, also eliminating the ranunculus and roses that no longer looked beautiful or held their shape, washed the vase and placed the bunch back in just as it was pulled from the vase.

decorating for fall with dried flowers and branches

The sedum dries equally as well and it’s dusty rose hue is not only a staple in our home, but my wardrobe this fall!

flowers that dry well

Below you can see the fresh flower arrangement:

natural fall decorations - pretty fall flowers

decorating with dry hydrangea

This fall, like many others, I also incorporated several magnolia branches. I love how they transition into winter, especially since while I’m always hopeful I will have the opportunity to decorate each room for the holidays, time isn’t always on my side. Magnolia branches look equally beautiful in the cold winter months, so if you want to decorate for fall and winter at the same time, this is the pick for you!

fresh decor ideas that last for months

These branches have been gracing our breakfast room for over 6 weeks! After they lost their lustre, I simply rinsed the stems and the vase, replaced them and they will continue to be the centerpiece of our breakfast room until after Thanksgiving.

fall decorating with dried branches and flowers

I think they look even prettier in the entryway now than they did in early September!

decorating for fall with dried flowers and branches

natural decorating ideas that last for month

One more moment for these dried magnolia branches…

fall decorating with dried branches and flowers

Finally, eucalyptus. You know how I love using eucalyptus in flower arrangements and table settings. Well, eucalyptus alone is one of the prettiest dried flower arrangements! In our mudroom the faded green leaves and seeds makes my heart skip a beat.

You can see how I dry fresh flowers seasonally here.

There is beauty in everything, if we choose to see it. What are your favorite dried flowers?


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