Sherwin Williams Zurich White

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  • All the details about one of my favorite paint colors, Sherwin Williams Zurich White .

    white paint color

    We first used Sherwin Williams Zurich White in our previous home {photo below} throughout the entire second level on recommendation of a friend and painter.

    interior neutral paint color

    We loved it so much that we decided to use it again in our current home throughout some of the main level including the entryway, living room, family room, and dining room. You can see above and below the difference of a East/West facing room than a North/South facing room, but it still feels great.

    white paint that's not too warm or too cool with yellow and gray undertones

    not too warm not too cool white paint color

    In the living room we opted to not only paint the walls with it, but the all the trim including bookcases, crown moulding, and floor moulding as well, just one sheen higher. Throughout the rest of our home we paired it with an untinted white paint.

    warm white paint color with a hint of gray

    This color is perfect for those who love grey, but would like something a touch warmer or a slightly greige tone or if you’re transitioning from a grey room.

    natural fall decorating ideas

    sherwin williams Zurich white

    The only room I don’t particularly love it in is our dining room. It has a unique lighting situation because it receives very indirect light. Just outside the window there is a screened-in porch to the left and breakfast room to the right, so it receives a lot of shadows, making it feel a little too grey and cool for my taste.

    traditional dining room decorating ideas

    traditional office for home

    You can see how much warmer it feels with direct sunlight in my South-facing office.

    Spaces Sherwin Williams Zurich White is the best fit for:

    • East / West facing rooms are most ideal
    • South rooms

    How Sherwin Williams Zurich White makes a room feel:

    • light
    • slightly more modern
    • not too cool, not too warm

    Sherwin Williams Zurich White undertones:

    • grey to greige
    • touch of yellow

    Styles Sherwin Williams Zurich White Fits:

    • traditional
    • country
    • modern
    • transitional

    Painting indoors? You can learn all about choosing ceiling paint and trim paint here! You will also find detailed information about using this color in tile paint and furniture paint.

    You can find all of our paint colors here and keep track of all of yours here. If you use any of them, please return to share your thoughts!

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