Looking to create subtle interest in a room, or perhaps you’re hoping to add a dramatic, colorful style statement? Serena and Lily Wallpaper is such a special way to personalize a space!

Wallpaper is an incredible technique to make a room stand out, and they’ve made it into such a fun design tool.

Learn how about the different types and textures of wallpaper options, how to select the best wallpaper for your space, and how it can instantly improve the style of your home!

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.
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It’s funny how our tastes change and trends shift over time, isn’t it? There have been times in my years of homeownership where I wanted all the wallpaper to go. Immediately, in fact.

We’ve removed countless borders and wall treatments installed by previous owners in our homes over the years. We’ve even removed peel and stick wallpapers that we’ve installed ourselves!

However, there is much about wallpaper that I embrace. I love the immediate, bold visual appeal, and the way it makes a room stand out. It can be such a surprising, charming addition to all kinds of spots!

A white and gold bathroom featuring serena and lily wallpaper and a glass shower door.
Our primary bathroom at our little modern lake house features the Bloomsbury pattern!

It’s a statement that’s all your own, and it’s absolutely gorgeous when chosen and installed correctly. I’m so excited to share my love for Serena and Lily wallpaper with you today!

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.

Serena and Lily Wallpaper

In our lake cottage, we’ve embraced the old floral wallpapers in a couple bedrooms, and also added the most charming Serena and Lily wallpaper to others. There’s a little something for everyone in our version of Coastal Modern Home Decor!

Of course, there will always be rooms where I prefer a solid cream or white backdrop. Our Modern Coastal Living Room, for example.

But in our Modern Bathroom, I love the look of the block print stripe we added in this space. In fact, we have wallpapered this space twice, and started with a grasscloth that we loved, too (click through for the story on why we had to change it).

A navy and brass bathroom light fixture in a modern bathroom idea refresh.
A bathroom at our lake home, wallpapered in Serena and Lily Luna Stripe.

While I loved that look as well, paper we chose feels so fresh and modern. It’s a geometric pattern, but also still soft and even a little feminine. I couldn’t love it any more and I absolutely love hearing from readers who have purchased it after seeing it in our home!

It’s such a fun surprise off the hallway and since it’s used as the guest bathroom, I love hearing the exclamations from guests as they enter this fun space!

I am a big fan of Serena and Lily style. When we recently updated our primary bathroom at the lake, we chose the Bloomsbury pattern – it’s so much fun!

You can also read more about Powder Room Wallpaper here – we’re loving the paper we added to our powder room in St. Louis.

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

Before purchasing a Serena and Lily wallpaper, consider the following tips and guidelines:

  • Consider the style of your room and home. Are you more modern, traditional, mid-century or cottage inspired? Let that overarching design style narrow down your choices.
  • Smaller patterns can be more difficult to install. If this is your first time hanging wallpaper, choosing a larger pattern or design that’s easier to match at the seams might be a good call. Or, simply call a professional for installation!
  • Grasscloth or paperweave might not be good for a bathroom or kitchen. The paper backing and material aren’t a good fit for high humidity levels. A close up of a navy blue grasscloth wallpaper
  • Measure once, twice… three times. you’ll measure and then multiply the width by the height, deducting for window and door openings, etc.
  • Order one extra roll for mistakes and pattern matching.
  • Look at swatches. This will give you an accurate depiction of color and texture.
  • Purchase from the same dye lot in order to ensure you’ll receive a perfect color match across all rolls.
a patterned grasscloth Serena and Lily wallpaper sample.

The Best of Serena and Lily Wallpaper

Wallpaper adds interest to any space in your home. Use it in closets, small bathrooms, the back of shelving, or on all the walls of your bedroom or living room.

Explore the Serena & Lily wallpaper collection.

Removable Wallpaper

This is the most exciting update in a long time! As of early 2024, we can now enjoy all the beauty of these patterns in removable form.

This makes them an excellent option for renters, as well as any space where you’d like something a touch less permanent. They even have their best colors in removable grasscloth!

Pattern and Geometric

Geometric wallpaper is characterized by a repeating shape or line. This encompasses a wide variety of Serena and Lily wallpaper options, as it’s extremely popular in interior design at the moment.

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.

Geometric wallcoverings are often more modern, with cleaner lines and more artistic inspiration. They are a perfect fit for our vacation vibe in our lake cottage!

Serena and Lily wallpaper with a blue and white floral pattern.


Our primary bath remodel features the Bloomsbury pattern, but it’s no longer available. This new sunflower print is the same feeling!

A white and blue serena and lily wallpaper with dots.

Luna Stripe

As seen in our guest bathroom at the lake.

A white and gold wallpaper adorned with palm leaves, reminiscent of Serena and Lily.


In three color options.

White and gold leaf pattern reminiscent of Serena and Lily wallpaper.


In five gorgeous color pathways!

A white bathroom with a glass shower stall featuring Serena and Lily wallpaper.
Our primary bathroom at our little modern lake house features the Bloomsbury pattern!


Grasscloth wallcoverings have been used for decades for a textural addition to a variety of home interiors.

The term grasscloth refers to wallpapers that are made from the strands (hand-woven) of natural fibers, generally with an unpasted rice paper on the back.

The fiber options for this type of wallcovering are varied, and include jute, seagrass, hemp, raffia, bamboo and more. They come in a wide array of colors and can even have printed patterns.


Much like traditional basket weave style of grasscloth, paperweave wall coverings add an incredible texture and depth to a room. The soft and subtle texture of paperweave wallcovering instantly adds warmth and interest to a space.

It is crafted from paper, offering immediate depth. Paperweave wall coverings come in a wide variety of unique patterns and colorways, too!

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.

The blue diamond patterned paperweave in these images is called Martinique. Find the Cardiff paperweave options here, and the other paperweave wallpaper offerings here.


A white towel hangs on a hook in a bathroom featuring Serena and Lily wallpaper.
Our primary bathroom at our little modern lake house features the Bloomsbury pattern!

Installation Notes

  • Professional installation recommended, but not required.
  • Use a wallpaper liner on textured walls prior to installation for a smooth surface.

Serena and Lily Wallpaper Care


  • Use a a white soft damp cloth to wipe clean.
  • Dust with a soft dry cloth.


  • Naturally water resistant, but cannot be cleaned with water or chemicals.
  • Dust with a soft dry cloth or clean using a soft brush vacuum attachment.
A blue and white walppapered bathroom with a gold towel bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Serena and Lily wallpaper pre-pasted?

Serena and Lily wallpaper is not self adhesive. You must buy a separate wallpaper paste to adhere it to your walls.

How much is Serena and Lily wallpaper?

Pricing for Serena and Lily wallpaper is diverse. You can spend as little as $98 per roll, and as much as $548 per roll. It often depends on complexity of design, pattern and materials in production.

serena and lily wallpaper samples laid out on a marble countertop.

What are your thoughts? Are you a big fan of the occasional dose of beautiful wallpaper, or do you prefer painted walls in every room of your home?

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  1. I love that bathroom/wall paper of yours, but we have never tried wallpaper that is not pre-pasted. Have you ever considered doing a post on how you did it? Or maybe a link to a source you found helpful in your project?

    Thank you! I love your house/style so much!

  2. Hi, Julie: In your latest e-mail you had a discussion about wallpaper. Under the “Paperweave” description, you had three samples of paperweave. I love the middle one which looked like crosshatched straw. From what company did you get those pictures. I would like to explore paperweave in more detail. Thank you!

    1. Hi Darline!
      I’m sorry I’m just now seeing your message. I wish I could give you more specifics about which one that might be – they are all samples from Serena and Lily though! If you click through to the paper weave link, you’ll find all these options there!