Get all the details about our brass lantern pendant lights! You’ll learn how to select island lights for your kitchen, and find our brass lantern pendants and more.

Get the look for less with these fabulous brass lantern pendant lighting options in this complete design and shopping guide!

Two brass lantern pendants hanging over a kitchen island
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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about the brass lantern pendants we used in our kitchen renovation.

So many factors went into selecting our island lighting including size, how much light they would provide, height (as to not block conversation or feel invasive when Chris is cooking with me due to his height) and how they would direct light.

So many things to consider, right? Let’s break them down one by one in this complete brass lantern pendant shopping and design guide.

Two brass lantern pendants hanging over a kitchen island

How to Select Island Pendant Lighting

  • Size. Like everything in your home, you want it to be to scale. Use cutouts if you have to visualize what size lantern or pendant light will work best in your kitchen.
  • Light. Consider how much light you want or need. We eliminated the light on the other side of the kitchen and decided to forgo can lights for a clean appearance. Therefore, we needed these to illuminate the entire kitchen, requiring more wattage.
  • Height. Finding the right height can be challenging. You want them low enough to make it feel intimate {and not stocky}, but high enough that conversations can still happen across the island. Most importantly, you never want your island pendants to knock anyone out. Ask Chris. Those original to our home did. Ouch.
  • Light direction. This one is a little trickier. We had a pendant at our previous how that pushed the light down, which made the ceiling feel dark.

Light placement will largely be determined by the height of your ceiling and length of your island, however this is a great guide to hanging island lights.

A brass pendant lantern hanging over a vase of white tulips on a kitchen island.

Our Custom Brass Lantern Pendants

I fell in love with these brass lanterns after seeing this image many years ago… I loved how classic they felt.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the original source of the image or the lanterns after an extensive search, so I had similar custom made at Copper Lantern Lighting, a company I had worked with before.

Should you want to recreate the look, here are the details:

  • 12″ wide x 22″ high
  • antique brass
  • clear glass
Two brass lantern pendants hanging over a kitchen island


  • Check out this complete Light Bulb Guide for information about soft white vs cool white bulbs and more.
  • A few notes should you decide to custom order these brass lantern:
  • They estimate 8 weeks, but the few times I’ve ordered with them it exceeded 12 weeks, so plan ahead.
  • When we purchased several years back, each lantern was $964 + $150 to ship. I’ve heard more recently that quotes are $1590 + shipping (5/10/23).
  • Hang with rubber gloves to avoid any fingerprints.
Two brass lantern pendants hanging over a kitchen island

Brass Lantern Pendant Sources

Love the look of our custom Copper Lantern Lighting pendants, but hoping to spend less? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!

Concord Antique Brass Three-Light Outdoor Pendant with Clear Glass

$770 (We have this in our Breakfast Nook over our RH Dining Table)

More Lighting Inspiration

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  1. They are gorgeous! It’s a timeless style, so I’m sure you’ll love them for years. You must sigh every time you walk into your kitchen. 
    I’m like you and have to see before I buy. Everything I’ve added to my home was bought with considerable research and time. I want to love it for years. 
    Great little tutorial on buying and hanging pendants over your island.

  2. Hi Julie! Your kitchen is stunning and the lanterns complement the other fixtures and color scheme. I couldn’t help but notice your chairs/stools. I just love them and would be so grateful to know where you purchased them.

    1. Hi Patti, thank you! You won’t believe how inexpensive they were…you can get all the details here. Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Julie, your lanterns are stunning! So classic and beautiful!  I totally agree with investing in classic pieces like this…..they will look so good forever!  Love your style!!

  4. Hahaha! You paid over a $2,000 dollars for two lamps that are so plain. I guess if you like throwing away money on just a light….. hehe

    1. Hi Kate! Timeless fixtures made from natural materials are definitely an investment that last a lifetime and never go out of style. In addition to adding value to our home and providing a function, they’re also the centerpiece of the kitchen.

      1. Such a great perspective. I totally agree with investing in pieces like this. You’ll love them for years to come. They make such a statement in this space too. Beautiful!

        xo Michael