Storage Containers and Supplies

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Dec 28, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

The best storage containers and supplies to organize every space of your home that blend design and function.

best storage containers

Did you hear? I’m kicking off a new series where you can get organized in 30 days! Sign up here to get started! I’m breaking it down into easy to achieve projects – many you can accomplish in 20 minutes or less.

I have a lot of fun new projects coming as I work to organize our home and prepare a fresh start for the new year. I’m kicking it off by sharing my favorite storage containers and organization supplies. As always, you can find a lot of my favorite storage containers and supplies in my shop both here on my site and on Amazon. Items noted with a star are used in our home.

best storage baskets

Baskets and Bins

Stackable Wood Bins – great for pantries or play

Wood Crate – great for kids

Rattan Lidded Baskets – durable, easy to clean and stackable*

Rattan Basket – durable, easy to clean, great for pantry*

Woven Storage Basket – great for stuffed animals*

Lidded Laundry Basket – decorative*

Belly Basket – good for magazines*

Banana Basket – towel storage in bath or guest bedroom*

Wood Chip Baskets – lightweight pantry and drawer storage*

Wood Chip Baskets, lined 

Hyacinth Baskets – great for closets

Umbrella Holder – beautiful entryway piece

Coffee Table Tray*

Laundry Basket

Lidded Hyacinth Basket – great for closets*

Large Storage Box – great for kids to keep school papers (learn more here)

Brass Boxes – perfect for closets and tabletop like coffee and end tables

storage containers

Metal Organizers

These are great in bathrooms for kids’ hair ties, bobby-pins, brushes and more or in office drawers to organize pens, paperclips and tape.

3 Compartment

9 Compartment

Large 3 Compartment

6 Compartment

kitchen organization supplies

Kitchen Organization Supplies

Knife Organizer – great for drawer storage*

Knife Block – keep them accessible*

Drawer Organizer – best for small drawers*

Expandable Drawer Organizer – fits most, great for utensils*

Wood Lazy Susan – make the most of small cabinets (and they’re only $6.49!)*

Crock – great for cooking utensils or under the kitchen sink*

Crock (ivory) – great for cooking utensils or under the kitchen sink*

Tray – great for bar

Stoneware Tray – for kitchen accessories

Food Storage

Too many to list – you can find all of our food storage including spice jars, canisters and more here.


Kids’ Jewelry Box – help them keep their treasures organized*

Pin Board – keep important papers organized or displayed*

Metal Lazy Suzan – for kids’ pencils, markers, glue sticks and scissors*

Large Plastic Bin – great for closets or playrooms*

organization supplies


3M hooks – maximize cabinet space* (learn how, in our baking pantry)

Label Holders – beautiful way to label in closets and cabinets* (see how, in our linen closet)

Hangers – consistent hangers make all the difference when organizing a closet*

Cleaning Caddy – keep all your cleaning supplies together and handy to tote