Easy Houseplants (You Can’t Kill)

LAST UPDATED: Sep 20, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Apr 03, 2015 | By: Julie Blanner

5 easy houseplants, you can’t kill!

4 foolproof houseplants that anyone can keep alive

This week I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the last year. It’s fun to see how much has changed & how we have grown as a family. This time last year, we were preparing to put our home on the market in anticipation of a move to St. Louis. The process was stressful at times, especially with an almost one year old, a two year old & four year old, but it was worth it.

While we tend to move at a fast pace, our lifestyle is much more relaxed. Prior to moving in July, I just had a few houseplants. My joke was that I was doing all I could to keep the kids watered & don’t judge if I can’t do the same for the plants. I gifted a couple of them to friends & took a couple with me – & they’re still alive! Seriously! Today I’m sharing my 5 easy houseplants in hopes that you’ll find joy in them as well.

ZZ Plant

Living room scene with large photos on the wall and a wooden side table featuring a houseplant. #zzplant #zzplantcare

The ZZ Plant doesn’t require a lot of water or care. In fact, it’s rather drought tolerant. 


4 Foolproof Houseplants that anyone can keep alive!

One of the focuses in our move was to think of ourselves more often & do things we enjoy. I love flowers & plants – they bring me so much joy & really bring a room to life. This pretty little olive tree traveled with me from St. Helena, California. I wanted to bring a little taste of Napa home with me beyond wine {okay, I always bring plenty of wine home, too}. The soft, silvery leaves & mossy pot feel so relaxed. I generally water it every 2-3 days & it receives some natural Northern light. I actually own 2 pretty little olive trees & they make me so happy!

4 easy & beautiful houseplants that will add life to your home

4 easy houseplants that you can't kill


Yes, the plant we’ve all come to know & love for taking our neglect gracefully. They actually prefer it! I water succulents once every other week. This lil guy was so kind to forgive me for neglecting him for 2 months, forgotten in the guest bedroom. I watered it twice & it came back to it’s natural beauty, better than ever!

4 foolproof houseplants that anyone can keep alive

4 easy to maintain houseplants that will add life & beauty to your home


Ferns are very forgiving & require minimal light – just keep their soil moist & they’ll provide years of life & beauty in your home.

4 easy to maintain houseplants that will add life & beauty to your home

I once forgot to water our cast iron plant for 2 months & it didn’t even droop. They can withstand a lot of neglect & require almost no light {though it enjoys it as well}. I water it about once a month. It’s a great plant to add height to buffets, side tables & chests.

4 easy & beautiful houseplants that will add life to your home

What are your favorite easy houseplants? You may also enjoy my easy decorating tips & ideas to integrate organization into your decor!

Notes: I don’t intend to deprive my plants of water & light, I just appreciate that they are easy to maintain. If you struggle with houseplants, keep in mind that they’re often less expensive than a fresh cut bouquet. Rather than try to bring one back to life, thank it for the joy it brought you while you had it & move on!