Easy Houseplants (You Can’t Kill)

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Learn about my favorite easy-care houseplants that you can’t kill! You’ll learn where to buy, how to treat them, and all the details about why I love them!

Need a plant that thrives on neglect? You’re in the right place!

A white dining room with windows, tall olive plant in the corner

There was a time in my life where I had very few houseplants. In fact, it was a very long time! My joke was that I was doing all I could to keep the kids watered, and don’t judge if I can’t do the same for the plants!

I gifted a couple of them to friends when we moved from Kansas City to St. Louis, and I took a couple with me – and guess what? They’re still alive! Seriously! To say I am proud is not really saying enough!

A white laundry room with a houseplant on the ledge of the sink.

I’ve brought you some fun plant ideas in the past, including posts about the ZZ plants, my favorite Meyer Lemon trees, and even the best way to water plants when you’re away.

Today I’m sharing my five favorite easy houseplants in hopes that you’ll find joy in them as well.

An easy care houseplant in a terra cotta pot, on a brass bar cart.

The Joy of Easy Care Plants

Everyone can benefit from the joys of houseplants! In fact, the benefits go far beyond aesthetics. Plants help to create calm and a sense of well-being.

A little touch of living, breathing greenery goes a long way! Adding a touch of something organic is one of my top tips for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

Please note: I don’t intend to deprive my plants of water and light, I just appreciate that they are easy to maintain. If you struggle with houseplants, keep in mind that they’re often less expensive than a fresh cut bouquet. Rather than try to bring one back to life, thank it for the joy it brought you while you had it and move on!

The Health Benefits of Houseplants

Did you know that indoor plants actually have health benefits, too? Here’s just a few of the ways that they can improve your health, and your life!

  • Increase oxygen levels
  • They reduce illnesses like colds by decreasing dust in your home.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide and provide clean air
  • Naturally increase humidity
  • Plants can reduce stress and even decrease your blood pressure! 
a white dining room with lots of windows, tall easy houseplant in the corner

How Often Should I Water My Plant?

This is a loaded question. Every houseplant has different needs. Under-watering and over-watering have both killed a lot of plants!

The best way to tell when your plant needs watering? When the soil feels slightly dry to the touch in the top inch or so.

One of my best plant tips is to make sure you have a drainage tray. Any excess water can drain into your tray, and you can then eliminate the overflow. Don’t allow your plant to sit in water, it will damage the roots! (Of course you can also water them right in your sink if you prefer!)

A utility sink with a brass faucet and a small potted plant.

Should I Fertilize my Houseplant?

Generally, no. Most simple potted plants will not require fertilization if they are planted in a high quality potting soil.

However, if you’ve had a houseplant for many years, or you have one that might need a larger pot, ask your local garden center about their suggestions for fertilizer. Occasionally, a plant can benefit from a boost of nutrients!

A white dining room with windows, tall olive plant in the corner

Without further ado: My Five Favorite HARD-TO-KILL houseplants!

ZZ Plants

The ZZ Plant doesn’t require a lot of water or care. In fact, it’s rather drought tolerant. Click through to the link for complete details about this easy care plant!

A white living room with emerald green accents and fresh plants.

Olive Trees

This pretty little olive tree traveled with me from St. Helena, California. I wanted to bring a little taste of Napa home with me beyond wine {okay, I always bring plenty of wine home, too}.

The soft, silvery leaves & mossy pot feel so relaxed. I generally water it every 2-3 days & it receives some natural Northern light. I actually own two pretty little olive trees now and they just make me so happy!

A bar cart with drinks and a potted houseplant.
a white dining room with lots of windows, tall easy houseplant in the corner


Yes, the plant we’ve all come to know & love for taking our neglect gracefully. They actually prefer it!

I water succulents once every other week.

This lil guy was so kind to forgive me for neglecting him for two months, forgotten in the guest bedroom. I watered it twice and he came back to his natural beauty, better than ever!

A laundry room utility sink with a gold faucet and a potted plant.


Ferns are very forgiving and require minimal light – just keep their soil moist and they’ll provide years of life & beauty in your home.

Ferns like indirect light- don’t place them directly in a hot window.

Because many ferns are native to the tropics, they do enjoy a more humid climate. I like to mist mine occasionally to give them that extra dose of humidity because our homes are so much drier than they are used to.

Cast Iron Plant

There’s a reason for their name!

I once forgot to water our cast iron plant for two months and it didn’t even droop. They can withstand a lot of neglect and require almost no light – truly they can handle any dark space in your home.

I water it about once a month. It’s a great plant to add height to buffets, side tables and chests because they don’t need to be in a window, full light area.

A bedroom with a potted plant on a wooden dresser.

What are your favorite easy houseplants? I’d love to hear from you!

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