Minimalist Seasonal Decor

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Jan 29, 2018 | By: Julie Blanner

One of the reasons I love living a minimalist lifestyle is how our home easily transitions from one season to another.

minimalist holiday decorating

With just a few effortless tweaks our home feels fresh and seasonally appropriate.

I’m sure you’ve seen my seasonal home tours, spring, summer, fall, and Christmas, but I want to share it from a different perspective today. When your home is simple, removing and adding just a few pieces gives each room an entirely different feel.

Right now, I’m transitioning our home from winter to Valentine’s Day {YAY!}.  A little color is so welcome during one of the gloomiest months in Missouri. Adding a few pops of pink makes our home feel cheerful and festive. These are just a few examples of what I change along the way for our minimalist seasonal decor:

In the kitchen:

  • This year I’m adding a pop of pink to my crock because I fell in love with pink spatulas. Necessary? No, but I always make an exception when it’s something I truly love and can’t stop thinking about. Plus, I needed a few more spatulas as I only had 2 white ones and do a lot of baking. Maybe a shameful amount. simple ways to update your home from one season to another
  • In the cupboard  I’ve added my heart pie dish – I wanted it last year, talked myself out of it and couldn’t stop thinking about it this year, so into the cupboard it goes. One pretty pink piece makes the kitchen feel like Valentine’s Day. holiday minimalist decorations
  • Sometimes I’ll change the color towels I use, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m still loving my favorite flour sack towels.
  • The easiest way to change your seasonal decor and add in a pop of color is with flowers. You can find all of my tutorials here to make a beautiful flower arrangement without a lot of effort! minimalist holiday decorating

In the baths:

  • I usually add a flower stem in a simple bud vase and change up the towel. Easy peasy, right?

In the bedrooms:

  • If we mix it up, it’s with something simple – the change of just one pillow case, something on the girls’ pin boards they make or maybe a few twinkle lights.

In the living room and family room:

  • Pillow covers! I love updating my pillow covers and it gives me an opportunity to wash and iron those I’m rotating out. I change these 2-4 times a year and use in different ways/rooms each year.
  • Throws! A fresh color or texture can help transition a room from one season or holiday to the next. When not in use, they return to the linen cabinet until next season.
  • Flowers, of course. Again, even if just a few buds, they bring a room to life.
  • Candles are another one of my favorite ways to transition a room from season to season both in color and scent!

Front door:

  • A fresh wreath creates a welcoming entry or a fresh color ribbon on a basic preserved boxwood wreath updates it for the season.

The added bonus when using fresh decor and a few key pieces is that transitioning is seamless and there’s very little to store! You can read more about my minimalist approach here. How do you transition your home from one season to another?