Whether you’re looking for nautically-inspired brass bells or just pretty gold bells for Christmas, we’re sharing all about them in this complete shopping guide!

Learn where to use them, and get inspiration for decorating with them all year long. Brass bells create a timeless, traditional look that we love for the holidays and beyond.

We’re gathering all the prettiest options into one simple guide to inspire you!

Three brass bells on a white table.
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Why does this guide make me want to break into song? I’ve been humming “Silver and Gold” to myself all morning.

These pretty brass bells are one of those items that can be incorporated in so many places throughout your home. When we recently shared our guide to laurel wreaths, I realized that bells were another classic, traditional look that tends to go hand in hand with our holiday decorating.

We’ve used them everywhere, in every shape, size and finish. From antique brass bells draped in our wreaths and garlands, to the polished nautical brass bell we used in our lake cottage kitchen, I think it’s safe to say that we adore this look!

In fact, I think you’ll be surprised at how much these can do for your holiday decorating. Keep reading to see why!

A white dining room with a striped rug adorned with brass bells.
Isn’t that bell the sweetest touch?

Brass Bells

Just as there are many ways to incorporate these into your home decorating, there are equally as many styles, finishes, and materials.

True brass bells are a nod to a historical material that was frequently used in nautical designs for centuries. It’s what our kitchen dinner bell is made from, and it makes a lovely sound thanks to the weight.

However, for the holidays you’ll often find gold Christmas bells that are made of a wide variety of materials. They are often iron pieces (presumably because it’s less expensive to produce) painted with lovely shades of gold and brass.

Some are antiqued for a vintage appeal, and some are brighter shades of gold and even copper. They are often tied together with rustic rope, and we have enjoyed dressing them up with shades of velvet ribbon over the years.

There’s something about the combination of elegance and rustic charm that I just love, especially at the holidays!

A white front door with a wreath on it.

Where to Use Them

We added a charming brass bell in the lake cottage kitchen because we love the style and warmth it adds. It’s fun to ring it and let the girls know they need to come inside when they’re running around in the backyard!

Beyond that year round wall mounted bell, we love to incorporate them into our home for the holidays. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!


  • Not Just for the Holidays – While we love the look of these brass and gold bells for the season, we are also sharing brass bells you can incorporate year round!
  • Click Image to Shop – It will take you to each product. Depending on your browser, you may need to double-click on mobile.
  • Items Sell Out Quickly – If you love something, purchase soon! Items sell out quickly because of the seasonal nature of many of these brass bells, and they may not restock.
A bottle of wine sits on a counter next to a sink.


First, a few authentic brass pieces that are made with true brass for an authentic weight and style.

A brass bell hanging on a white wall.

Nautical Brass Bells

As seen in our lake cottage kitchen! Ours is a 6 inch, but there are many sizes available.

Three gold bells hanging on a white wall.

Here are a few beautiful options for gold Christmas bells to hang from wreaths, mantels, and so much more!

A rope with three brass bells hanging from it.

Set of Four

29″ long and under $20!

A white living room with a christmas tree.

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