Christmas Gift Wrap

LAST UPDATED: Feb 14, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Dec 20, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
It’s a beautiful snowy morning in Kansas City. I just finished making cinnamon rolls for the girls and wrapping the first round of presents.  I’m always looking for beautiful ways to simplify everyday tasks. Christmas gift wrap is no different.  While it’s no secret that I’m a fan of kraft paper, this year I decided to wrap 100% of our gifts in it.  It’s recycled, inexpensive {$1/roll at the dollar store} and it’s the perfect backdrop for any garnishments.  I decided to update an idea I implemented in 2003, and used photos for a lot of our gifts.  Adalyn can’t read, but she knows exactly who each present is for based on the photographs used.
The gift tags made in 2003:
That’s my lifelong friend Liz, her mother Diane, and myself on the left.
easy gift wrap idea via
It’s easy – find photos, old or new, that you like, change them to black and white and insert them into a Word document. I quickly did this by dropping all of the photos I liked into a folder, selecting them all, dragging them to the Word document and then resizing to preference.  Print on white card stock and you’re done!  I made all of my gift tags in just 5 minutes.  I wrote the to and from in a silver pen.
easy Christmas gift wrap idea via
For the remainder of the gifts, I used snippets of Frasier fir, picked up free at the hardware store. Both were embellished with the baker’s twine I bought a few years ago and will have for years to come!
easy holiday gift wrap idea via
beautiful Christmas gift wrap idea via
Of course some gifts are better in a bag. This gift luckily came in it!  Awkward, yet small gifts were sealed in an envelope with washi tape.  Click here if you need ideas for wrapping gift cards.
easy gift wrap idea via
This year’s gift wrap cost me $2.16 – the cost of two rolls of kraft paper!  More than anything, I love it’s timeless look.

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