Step inside our holiday home for a Christmas tour with both photos and video. Get the best ideas for subtle blue Christmas decorations and adding fresh cheer throughout your home.

room decorated for christmas with cedar garland
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Holiday Homes Videos

Last year, I shared with you about how nervous I was to begin creating videos to cover all of my favorite decorating techniques, recipes, and more. It’s so difficult to begin something new, isn’t it?

It has definitely been a learning curve when it comes to learning video technique over the past year or so. I’m not especially proud of all of the videos I’ve made, as I have adjusted to speaking on camera, baking backwards and more, but each day I’m becoming more and more comfortable.

White living room with soft blue Christmas decorations.

My friend Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has been so inspiring and helpful every step of the way so I’m especially excited to share our Christmas home tour via video. You can tour each of our holiday homes today, and I truly hope you enjoy them!


Despite a little discomfort, I really wanted to integrate video into my blog posts as another way to connect with you. I hope you enjoy them and appreciate your support.

I’ve enjoyed creating so many ideas to inspire you, including my 50 favorite Christmas cookie recipes and 30 creative Christmas ideas for decorating your own home. You also can’t miss 25 of my best homemade Christmas gift ideas!

hands holding juniper putting it on a place setting

Blue Christmas Decorations

This year, I decided that I wanted to incorporate the prettiest blue hue. I was inspired by the wild juniper berries that grow along the shore at our lake cottage!

Juniper has a strong fragrance and the most perfectly subtle blue color in the berries. With juniper berries in mind, I found a pretty soft blue velvet ribbon that I knew I could incorporate throughout our home.

cedar hanging over door frame with gold laurel wreath over bar

I have created a cohesive look with the addition of fresh cedar and juniper greens, along with blue velvet touches throughout the wreaths and garlands in our home.

woman hanging juniper wreath with blue velvet ribbon

Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

Consider a few of the following ideas for creating your own simple, subtle touches of blue for your holidays this year.

  • Replace a piece of art or two with a gorgeous juniper berry wreath. Such an easy way to give an entire room an elegant holiday feel!
  • Purchase a large bolt of soft velvet ribbon (in my case, blue velvet) to incorporate throughout your spaces. This can accent garlands, wreaths, and can be used to wrap gifts under your tree. You can even tie small bows onto your Christmas tree branches to incorporate that color and style!
Close-up of a juniper wreath with a velvet wreath for blue Christmas decorations.
  • Switch out your pillow covers! This is such an easy way to incorporate a pop of blue (or any color) into your room for very little expense. Check out my post on buying, mixing and matching pillow covers here.
garland over door frame looking into living room

Garland Hanging Techniques

One of the many things I’ve learned over the years when it comes to incorporating fresh and fragrant garlands and greenery into our home, is that hanging garland isn’t always as easy as it looks!

garland in traditional kitchen

I’ve got a few tips for you when it comes to hanging live greenery garlands! (And don’t miss my tips and tricks for keeping them alive for longer!)

  • I know many people trust command hooks, but I prefer nails for hanging garlands over doorways. You can easily place them in a discreet spot where they won’t be noticed, and they are much sturdier and won’t rip the paint or worse, the drywall paper off. I tend to add nails in the top of a door frame where no one will see.
  • You can simply tuck a solid section of your garland stems directly behind the nails.
  • Often, since a garland is built following just one direction, it can seem odd when hanging around a doorway since the side going up looks so much different form the side going down. With that in mind, I like to cut my garland at a spot where I can hang both vertical pieces pointing down. This helps the garland lay flat and creates the perfect look!

wreath in kitchen window

traditional kitchen decorated for christmas

The berries add a subtle touch in the living room.

juniper in bud vase on tray with liquor

I’ll be sharing more of our Christmas bedroom soon, but here’s a sneak peek …

wreath over nightstand

In the bathroom I simply added a stem of juniper in a bud vase with my favorite soap and lotion set and replaced the botanical art with a wreath.

juniper wreath in bathroom with wood mirro and parisian sink
stairs lined in candles and garland for christmas

Past Tours of our Holiday Homes

Stop by again soon to see more of our home decorated for the holidays as well as the lake cottage!

woman holding juniper wreath

Two Holiday Home Tours You’ll Love

I hope you’ve enjoyed my video and photos, and again, don’t forget to go visit my friend Lisa over at Farmhouse on Boone.  We both enjoy a minimal, simplistic style in our holiday homes that will hopefully inspire you in decorating this year and beyond! See more of my minimalist Christmas ideas here.

Thank you so much for following along – I truly appreciate it and love hearing from you. I hope you enjoy a beautiful holiday season and I hope you enjoyed my soft blue Christmas decorations this year!

wreath in white kitchen, hanging in the window

If you haven’t already, I would love for you to join me on this journey and subscribe on YouTube and Facebook where I’ll be sharing two new videos each week.

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  1. Your minimalist-elegant-timeless-simple style is my most favorite ever! Every time I start talking about ideas from “the girl who likes the finer things in life,” my husband gets a look like, “oh boy! Here we go!” 😀 He makes things for me (Like as I type, he is making a frame for our t.v.) from ideas I gather, staring at your style!

    Thank you so much for all the work you do to inspire us!

    1. Kimberly, THANK YOU for making my day! You are so sweet and I truly appreciate your kindness. If it makes him feel any better, my husband has the same look! I’m actually starting a Facebook community this week because I would LOVE to see the frame he makes! Thanks for following along!

  2. Julie, you rocked it! Wonderful video with helpful hints and inspiration galore. Thank you for stretching and do something that was not easy for you. You made us all a little braver and with great decor ideas to boot!