Flameless candles add instant ambiance for the holidays and beyond. Learn how LED candles can change your decorating for the better!

Get the cozy, warm glow you’re after, with none of the safety hazards of “real” candles. Battery operated candles have come a long way!

Add flickering warmth to your home with our curated selection of cozy flameless candles.

A dining room with LED candles for Christmas decorations.
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I spent the first years of my career as a wedding and event planner. In those years, battery operated candles were not what they are today. I’ll admit that I would have cringed at the though of flameless candles used at a wedding back then!

Luckily, we’ve come such a long way. Now, there are LED candles that can safely light the way to pretty much any decorating project you can dream up!

Today, we’re guiding you through all the ways these beautiful candles can be featured in your home. We used them all year long – but we especially enjoy them at the holidays. I hope you enjoy this flameless candle guide, as much as I enjoyed the memories as I put it together.

A group of LED candles on the stairs in a house.

LED Candles

Why do we love them? Well, let me count the ways!

  • Safer – These candles are kid and pet-friendly! Not only do you not have to worry about an open flame, you also won’t miss the mess of wax spills.
  • Cleaner – Why fill your home with soot when you can get the same effect without it?
  • Re-Usable – Which makes them not only earth-friendly, but a more affordable option over time.
  • Timers – I love that these can turn on and off with a timer like the rest of our holiday lighting.
  • Remote – Many LED candles come with a remote, so you can turn them off with the flick of a switch.
  • Flexibility – What I love most about these candles is the myriad of ways we can use them. As you’ll see below, we’ve got 10 great ideas for incorporating flameless candles into your decorating.
A dresser with LED candles and a wreath on it.

Where to Use Flameless Candles

  • On Dining Tables – They’ll never blow out on an outdoor table, but they are just as fabulous for indoor dining!
  • Inside a Fireplace – Don’t have a functioning fireplace? Add them inside your hearth in place of logs! A mantle adorned with battery operated candles and greenery.
  • On Porch Steps – These are perfect for Fall Porch Decor, Halloween Porch Decorations, and your Christmas porch, too. A front porch with LED candles and a wreath.
  • On Staircases – While most of us would never use real pillar candles on staircases, we can safely load them up with battery operated candles! A staircase decorated with greenery and battery operated candles.
  • On Console Tables – And accent tables, side tables, nightstands, and anywhere you’d like a little cozy glow. A woman is putting LED candles on a wooden tray.
  • For Parties – No longer should we worry about guests knocking over our burning candles! Use them for Halloween parties like this Outdoor Movie with a carefree attitude. A table with LED candles and skeletons on it for a Halloween party.
  • On Patios – These work beautifully for patio accents – group them on the floor, on a rattan bar cart, or anywhere. A white living room with candles and a christmas tree.
  • Coffee Tables – These make wonderful coffee table decor because there is no worry about a dangerous flame.
  • Fireplace Mantel – When your mantel is narrow, flames can be concerning. Not with these pretty flickering tapers, though! A living room with a fireplace and stockings.
  • Bookshelf Decor – When you have a shelf directly above the one you’re decorating, candles don’t always make sense. But you can safely gather the battery-operated version on any shelf with ease!
  • Down Walkways – Safely light a path to guide guests to your home. And of course, these are wonderful for aisles too!
  • In Windows – You can safely place tapers, pillars and more in your window sills at the holidays. There are even LED candles that are made to stick to your glass for a romantic flickering look you’ll enjoy on the exterior of your home.
A staircase with flameless candles and garlands on it.


  • Real Wax – If budget allows, choose options that look as realistic as possible. Flickering wicks and real wax often feel much more authentic.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – Note that not all LED candles are rated for outdoor use.
  • Color – Just like other types of lighting, you’ll want to choose from bright white and warmer white options. The wax exteriors of these candles are usually a range of bright white, to warmer ivories and glowing amber tones.
  • Triangle – Use the classic design triangle of high, medium and low for styling. Group them in varying heights and sizes for maximum impact.
  • Technology – The timers and remotes are your friends! Is there anything better than lighting that turns on and off at the same time each day? Such a holiday helper!
A staircase with LED candles on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave LED candles on all night?

Yes. You can safely leave your battery operated candles unattended for long stretches of time, unlike real candles.

Do flameless candles get hot?

These candles do not get hot. While they may warm a bit due to the battery usage, they don’t get hot enough to melt or burn any surfaces.

A christmas garland on a staircase decorated with LED pillar candles.


From pillars to tapers and everything in between, here are our favorite LED candles that we think you’ll love as much as we do!

A white and blue living room with a christmas garland on the stairs, LED candles at the base for decoration.
A staircase with flameless battery operated candles on it.

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