Transitioning your home between holidays and seasons, seamlessly, without a lot of effort.

November can be a really confusing month – enjoying all the beauty fall has to offer and Thanksgiving, filled with anticipation and the wonder of Christmas. 

decorating for thanksgiving and christmas

Many don’t want to see or decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving while others excitedly start decorating the day after Halloween. Why should we have to choose?

There are so many easy ways to transition your home from fall to winter – Thanksgiving to Christmas, that can give you the best of both worlds.

With the success of this diy fall to winter topiary I created a few years ago, I wanted to share a few other ideas you’ve seen in our home, but may not have considered the versatility of. You’ll also enjoy bringing the fragrances of the season into your home with eight ways to make your home smell great

Slowly integrating your holiday decor can also allow you to enjoy the process with less stress.

decorating for thanksgiving and christmas

For example, in our bedroom, the tree to the right looks rather rustic without lights lending itself to fall, but when you’re ready for the magic of the season, you can turn lights on. You’ll be ready to decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving if you want to keep your home fall themed until then.

topiary that transitions from thanksgiving to christmas

This fall to winter topiary was created with a few pieces of firewood and a little foraging. The addition of starry string lights transitions it for the holidays.

topiary that transitions from thanksgiving to christmas

Magnolia is one of my favorite elements (either natural or faux) because it seamlessly transitions between seasons and holidays.

thanksgiving to christmas wreath

This faux magnolia wreath goes from fall / Thanksgiving to winter / Christmas with the addition of mandarin oranges!

thanksgiving to christmas

You can see how these magnolia branches worked their way from fall to winter last year in the mudroom!

fall to winter

Antlers also work well in both fall and winter – just add a little wreath to update them!

Do you like to work your way into the holiday season or decorate in a day?

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  1. Love the marshmallow trees! This craft may be a fun thing to make at my November Cookie Exchange with the ladies and also later with my grandkids. Super ideas Julie — ALL of them! So glad I found your blog this year BEFORE Christmas and not after!! (I came from IBC)

    1. THANK YOU, Betsy! He’s the King of Christmas. I take a simpler approach but LOVE decorating for Christmas. I have so many new ideas to share this year. Thanks for following along!

  2. Transitioning from fall to winter is pretty challenging for me, becuase I would like to set up a christmas tree already, even if it is a bit early, so thank you for these ideas, I will definitely consider them!Love, Beatrice