Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

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A few years ago, this would have been an extremely hot topic. Last week while in North Carolina Jen, of Tatertots and Jello, and I were discussing how decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving has become increasingly acceptable. In fact, as I peruse Instagram and Facebook, I see that a lot of my friends have not only started decorating, but have trimmed the tree. I’d love to know, what do you think?

I myself am not quite ready yet. For me, winter is bitter cold, so I’m embracing the last days of fall. Fortunately the temperatures have been favorable and the trees are still holding onto some bright, colorful leaves. I am however transitioning our home from fall to winter with little hints of decor I can layer for Christmas so that I don’t have to completely redecorate. This comes out of necessity. Our pumpkins and gourds are two and a half months old, so many of them have started to fade {eh, rot} and so I have begun replace them with a few natural elements and things that add warmth to our home. I look forward to sharing the transition with you soon, and adding to this post.

Here are a few ways you can start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving without raising too many eyebrows, especially if you’re hosting Thanksgiving!

add color to a faux wreath by adding fresh fruits or berries

Magnolia wreaths {and leaves} relate to both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I added mandarins for a little pop of color.

This topiary transitions for the holidays with ease. 5 minute fall to winter porch planter.

This easy DIY topiary goes from fall to winter with a strand of starry lights.

Simple & neutral Christmas front porch decorations

I personally think boxwood is seasonless.

Easy ways to transition your decorations from fall to winter | Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

Pinecones in a swag, in a bowl or integrated in china cabinets.

Fall to winter decorating ideas - decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

I adore these little burlap wrapped trees available at craft stores. They work with an array of decorating styles.

birch wood holiday decor

Our birch vases are staples for both fall and winter. Learn how to make them here.