20 of the BEST Tips for Home Organization

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Get simple, actionable organizing ideas that will leave your home feeling calm and stress free. This list of DIY organization ideas is easy to implement and quite inexpensive – your home organization will be next level in NO TIME!

Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated- let’s take it one step at a time.

Looking into a linen closet with folded sheets and baskets, etc

I’m always looking for ways to streamline our home to make the transition through seasons a little more seamless and our home a little more calm.

Truthfully, this organization tour is basically another version of our home tour – exposed. (click through to see the full before and after tour of our St. Louis abode!)

Now you’ll get to see behind the cabinet doors, inside the drawers and a find a few free printables, too!

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Looking inside a pantry with beautifully organized baking necessities.

Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life. –Christina Scalise

Home Organization Ideas for Every Space

I love sharing all my favorite home organization tips and techniques with you. As a minimalist, I have found that living with less is the best solution for my own peace of mind.

I’ve been sharing organizing ideas for many years and throughout several moves in our life. I love an organized home… in fact, I crave it for my well-being! (Click through for a detailed shopping post on all of my favorite organization and storage items!)

I’ve shared our newly remodeled kitchen organization in depth and you can find those posts on every subject- drawers, refrigerator, counters, under sink storage, pantry and so much more!

How to organize your linens | living room organization ideas

It’s easy to organize when your shelves are almost bare. Everything looks pretty. Try adding a lot of things and the organization is so much harder.”

True, adding things makes it harder, but to me, organization often means being thoughtful about what you need and eliminating what you don’t. In fact, that’s how each and every one of my projects starts!

By removing everything from the space, evaluating if I need it, if so, does it belong in this space or is it a better fit in another space and then determine placement.

Sometimes stuff is just stuff. Take our linen closet, for example. It was filled with a plethora of sheets, old bath toys, dried up bath paints and bathroom rugs from our previous home amongst other junk.

I realized when I removed everything that we only needed 2 sets of sheets per bed, some bath toys could be moved to the bathroom and the dried paints – TRASH. Why was I allowing them to consume space in our home and my head?

DIY Organization Ideas

Today I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of many of my most popular ideas that I’ve shared over the years.

So Many of these ideas are easy to implement, inexpensive, and can be accomplished in a weekend or less. (Psst… here’s a post with five more organization ideas that can be accomplished this weekend – I promise!)

If there’s ever a time to organize our homes, it’s right here and now! Don’t let the weight of too much stuff weigh you down- take the steps to get organized, one step at a time.

You’ll never regret accomplishing these projects! If you want more, I’ve got a FREE 30 day organizing challenge that might be just the push you need.

Tips to get organized and maximize space and function

Organizing Step by Step

Here we go! Are you ready to get organized for good?


Hooks are a simple way to hang coats, bags, bathrobes and towels. Use them thoughtfully and they can offer storage in an otherwise empty wall, keeping items within easy reach.

There’s one of my very favorite home organization tips! Keeping items within easy reach will help your family with getting and returning items on their own.

A white horizontal paneled mudroom with brick floors, brass hooks holding jackets and dog collar.

Incorporate Baskets

Baskets are my go to for organizing our home. We’ve used them in our bookcases, closets, as end tables, for shoes in mudroom, for wrapping paper, and in the girls’ rooms for toys and stuffed animals. The uses are endless!

A white bookshelf in a home living room with baskets for personal organizing
A living room with storage baskets for a side table, a potted plant on top.
Looking inside an organized linen closet
A basket with diy home organization of wrapping paper.

Use Labels

Labels not only help you decipher what should go where, but they help others who are unfamiliar to find exactly what they’re seeking {husbands, anyone?}.

It doesn’t have to be color coded to be organized. When everything has a place, it’s easy to put things where they need to go each and every time!

Looking inside a hall linen closet organized with labels

Storage Systems

It’s not the prettiest solution or organizing ideas, I’ll admit that, but it can often be the easiest – especially for the garage. We’re only 1/3 of the way done and it’s already made a significant difference, especially for the girls’ toys and Chris’ running and biking supplies, as seen here.

See more of our garage organization systems here.

Organized running gear with an outdoor closet in garage.
A garage organization system with running gear

Peg Rail

This is the most flexible way to store your garage necessities!

pretty cleaning supplies on peg rail

Rethink Old Pieces and Everyday Things

I’m not sure what this copper and brass piece was originally, but when I found it in an antique mall, I fell in love {especially for just $10} and utilized it as an umbrella holder.

A copper bucket used as an umbrella stand.

Select Furniture with Storage in Mind

Purchase versatile storage-primed furniture that is intended for storage. While it’s not my favorite piece of furniture, our coffee table and former end table work harder than most. In our house it’s known as “the library”. It stores the majority of the girls’ books.

A neutral family room decorated with diy organization ideas.
A fresh floral arrangement of herbs and peony flowers on an antique gold accent table..

Another storage and organization trick is to make the most of your tables. A versatile piece of furniture often amounts to less pieces, consuming less space. This pretty little table works as a bar cart, plant stand, end table, just about anything I need, when I need it.

Use Existing Cabinetry

We took a previously under-utilized cabinet and turned it into a bar cabinet.

Open the doors in the built in bookcases to reveal this cute little mini bar. I like to make valuable use of every inch! It’s a pretty way to display and store your liquor that goes away when you close the doors.

This is a DIY home organization technique that is completely free! Have an open cabinet? You’ve got room for a home bar if you can create that space!

Living room shelves that convert a cabinet into an at home bar

Re-Purpose Furniture

We used an old 3 drawer chest to store hats, sunscreen and keys in the mudroom, an old trunk doubles as storage of my family heirlooms in our bedroom and my heirloom wardrobe serves as a linen cabinet for the main level.

One of my favorite techniques for home organization is to use what you have. You don’t have to run out and buy beautiful storage containers- although that’s fun too! Getting the job done one step at a time is priority, though.

Looking into an antique cabinet chest of drawers with home organizing techniques
mudroom with brick floor and cream shiplap walls decorated for fall
Peeking into the drawers of an antique linen cabinet used for storage.

Install Closet Systems

They have really helped us organize our former closet and our current. Chris and Adalyn reworked hers and she loves keeping them organized.

Whether you update your closet or just organize it, I highly recommend starting by removing everything. Want to see what you’re really wearing? Flip your hangers around and at the end of the month, any hangers that are backwards are subject to donation. You can read more of my tips to clean out your closet here.

A well organized small walk in closet with a chandelier

Assess First

Don’t purchase organizers until you assess your needs. When you do, make them pretty…they’ll inspire you to declutter and to open your drawers and get to work.

You don’t have to use plastic to organize. Think outside of the box, when selecting “boxes”.  I found pretty glass boxes to organize my desk in the bath section of Target. They keep everything in their place.

Looking into the drawer of an organized home office desk.

13. Speaking of linens, where you wash them should be pretty and functional, too, right? You can get my tips and free printable laundry room labels here.

simple laundry room organization with glass canisters above washer and dryer.
simple laundry room organization with beautiful containers for products.

14. Organizing the kitchen can feel a bit daunting, but if you take it cabinet by cabinet, it’s an achievable task that can add a lot off function {and space} to your kitchen.

For example, take this baking cabinet in our former home. To keep it cohesive, I label standard sized jars for spices, baking ingredients, etc. You can download free printable labels here. I also love to add flexible storage to cabinets using hooks.

A white kitchen with a cabinet used for organized baking supplies.

15. I also use bins with handles under the kitchen sink to separate cleaners, dishwashing detergents and accessories, etc. Separating them in bins makes it easier to locate specific things and eliminates the risk of playing dominos.

under sink cabinet organized with baskets and tubs.
Bathroom organizing ideas for under the sink.

Organize Paint Colors

Organize your paint colors for quick touch ups with a printable paint color chart.

Make it Totable

Keep your cleaning supplies in easy to tote bins. Storing them this way keeps them neater and allows you to transport to any room you need them.

A closet with bins for cleaning supplies and more organization ideas.

Use Baskets in Kids’ Closets

Use easy to tote baskets to organize toys and art supplies in children’s closets.

An organized child's closet filled with matching seagrass woven baskets.

Drawer Organizers

This is the ultimate answer to the “everything has its place” conundrum of junk drawers and every drawer in your home.

A junk drawer opened with a wooden organizer, filled with home items and essentials.

Use Clear Containers

Use clear storage containers and bins wherever possible. In our laundry room organization project, it’s so easy to see how much and exactly what we have.

Choosing Organizing Ideas that Work for Your Family

Most importantly, I think we all have to consider what works for our own families. Just because a system works for one, doesn’t mean it’s best for another!

Consider your individual needs and family parameters before investing in storage systems or organization products. The effort will be worth the investment in time and funds, I promise!

A white living room with storage baskets by the sofa.

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An organized garage with peg storage, looking into mudroom

As always, you can find a lot of my favorite home organization storage containers and supplies in my shop both here on my site and on Amazon.

I am so excited to get organized before summer so that we can spend more time enjoying what truly matters – each other. Let’s do this!

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