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Baking and Spice Cabinet

Tips to maximize space and organize your baking and spice cabinet with free printable labels.
organized spice cabinet and baking pantry
As we prepare to get a new backsplash, countertops and appliances in our kitchen, I wanted to do one of the most important steps to making the kitchen feel new and functional.  ORGANIZE!  Waste not, want not, right?  That’s my theory behind retaining our current kitchen cabinets.  Sure, we could always add more storage, but as you’ll see here with these simple kitchen organization tips, we probably don’t even need it! {this post has been updated with kitchen-in-progress photos below!}
This before photo is more of a during-we’ve already painted the exterior of the cabinets and added new hardware.
But, those cabinets?  A mess!  I was inspired by this pretty pantry, but knew I could do it even cheaper.  I started by pulling out the contents.  Guess what?  4 jars of parsley, 2 rosemary, 3 salts and several spices I don’t even use.  Who knew?  I couldn’t believe I had been so wasteful and unorganized! No wonder my spice cabinet was such a mess.
Next, I painted the interior of the cabinets to create a bright, blank canvas, one that will allow me to easily spot anything I need.
I divided the items between baking ingredients and cooking spices.  I inventoried each so I knew what labels to make.
Organized baking pantry - tips & tricks to maximizing space & function in your kitchen
To make this an easy and inexpensive project, I dumped spices I didn’t use so I could utilize jars I already owned {from a spice kit years ago} and reutilized them by putting those in plastic and metal containers in them, labeling as I went.
Free printable baking pantry labels
Always looking to repurpose to save the planet and a dime, I removed the label from my vanilla with my favorite adhesive remover.  Life saver.
remove adhesive easily via
You wouldn’t believe how nice it is to have it uniform!
Pretty Pantry DIY with free printable labels via
Baking and Spice Pantry DIY with free printable labels via
spice cabinet ideas
Using 3M hooks {as to not damage the cabinet fronts}, I hung the everyday baking attachments for my KitchenAid mixer to not only make them easily accessible, but save space as well.
command hooks for spice cabinet and baking pantry
Measuring spoons in your spice cabinet add a lot of convenience as well.
kitchen storage ideas via
Oh how I’m anxious to eliminate those blue stripes!  As you can see, this cabinet is significantly more functional now for both my baking and cooking {stove top is just to the right and mixer is just to the left} and I will never miss all of the spices that I haven’t touched in the last 5 years! Our new spice cabinet is functional and beautiful.
kitchen organization tips via
$3 each for the baking soda/powder jars, $3 total for spice jars for baking ingredients – $9!
The 3M hooks were repurposed from last Christmas’ magnolia garland.  Oh yes, and the labels – full sticker sheets that can be cut to size.  I always have some on hand.  While the painting took a considerable amount of time, organizing, labeling, combining, etc only took a half hour!  A great investment!
free printable spice labels via
I wouldn’t leave you without the free printable baking pantry and spice jar labels, just click the links to download! Click here for more tips and simple solutions to get organized! Below are updated photos with the kitchen in progress. She’s coming along nicely, don’t you think?
adding additional storage in your kitchen using command hooks in your cabinets
kitchen storage tips using command hooks to maximize space in a cabinet
baking pantry and spice cabinet



{sources: flour/sugar jars, Boos board, 3M hooks, sticker sheets, similar spice jars, Kitchen-Aid stand mixer}

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  1. Pinned to my organizational board…now I just need you to come help me!!! 🙂

    Megan from Chasing Davies

  2. Don’t tempt me-I’m nesting!

  3. Oh my goodness these are so cute! love your organization!

  4. Thanks Courtney! I hope to have the entire house organized by winter’s end!

  5. So crisp and clean looking. I love it. I have been looking for ideas to get things organized in the kitchen, and this is the style I am looking for. Do you mind sharing the name of the font?

  6. Thank you! It’s Susie’s hand. I love fonts!

  7. This is Genius! Unfortunately because my husband and I rent a home at the moment I wont be able to paint anything. However, I will certainly be doing all the labeling ASAP. I’ve been wanting a way to get organized since we are seemingly doomed to live with small kitchens. Ha Ha Ha!

  8. The labels make a significant difference and command hooks are perfect for rentals! Be sure to check out my other organization posts. Many are rental friendly!

  9. I Love the nice, clean look! What size are the labels?

  10. Laura, they are just the Avery sticker sheets. One of my must have craft supplies

  11. Ooo…ok, thanks! :))

  12. Thank you for the printable. I hope to paint my pantry white and these would look great!! 🙂

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  15. I also make use of the insides of cupboard doors. I hang flexible cutting mats (punch a hole to hang them); various sizes of strainers so they don’t get damaged in a drawer; pot holders (inside door next to the stove); fly swatters & flashlight (door under the sink); and on several doors a magnetic tape strip to hold pages or recipe cards at eye level and off the counter while I cook—it keeps them clean.

  16. I just wanted to tell you that regardless of having my own (less bent!) spoons, I also have my mom’s; they are an exact match to your mom’s. I use them every day too while the ‘new’ ones still sit in the drawer…thanks for the 🙂

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  18. So beautiful!!! Congratulations! Is the perfect pantry, it looks so clean.
    Can you please confirm me the font? For my labels I used Susie’s Hand but it’s different!
    Thank you very much

  19. Thank you very much!!

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  21. I really like the all white flavor of your kitchen design. The use of the inside of your cupboard doors is a great idea and I think that will be my project this week. I’ve seen others use corkboard too. I think a combinations would work well for me. Thanks for the ideas – I too would like to organize my whole house this year. Downsizing is NOT easy!

  22. Your kitchen looks fantastic! I need to tackly my cabinet interiors as well. Could you tell me what font you used for your labels? Thanks!

  23. I’ve got the very same measuring spoons! And mine were my mother’s too!

  24. I know it has been awhile since you did this but do you know what size the labels are that you used?

  25. thanks for the command strip ideas…new kitchen cabs here and don’t want to damage them. and will be downloading the labels too. we have an unholy amount of seasonings to go through sort and clear. also love the idea of soda and power in jars…easier to use it avery an online place to order? thanks!

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  28. Ok, so, I just fell in love with your blog and you! I’m so glad I found you!!

  29. Hey Julie,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pantry labels! I have been searching of pantry labels that are simple & cute. Do you have an editable version of those? I wanted to do my whole pantry with them!

  30. Julie, I love the Command strips! I use them in almost every room in my house! Thank you so much for this email. I love your baking cabinet. Now all I need is more cabinets. I have two regular size and two very narrow ones. Grr. Oh, and ho place for shelves or I’d go that route.

  31. Your organization makes me want to tackle my basement and I love the “jewelry” container boxes. Where did you buy them?

  32. I have the same measuring spoons, and they too were my grandmas!! Your kitchen is looking beautiful

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