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Creating a Mudroom

Mudroom or mud room, whatever you call it, I just love them. They welcome you home, collect your dirt, give you a place to hang your coats and leave your keys {so you’re not endlessly searching the next time you leave. Get the details that make a mudroom functional, durable and beautiful.

mudroom or mud room with brick floors

One of my biggest criteria when purchasing our last two homes has been to have a mudroom. Our last home didn’t have much of one, but we created a mudroom out of a closet and with a little tweaking. Our current home had somewhat of a mudroom, but it was a really awkward space that lacked function. You can create a mudroom by defining a space in your entryway, making it easy to clean and full of storage.

Having a mudroom to transition between indoor and outdoor space can help keep your home clean and free of clutter. We recently completed our mudroom and I’m beyond excited to finally share it with you!

Beautiful interior design ideas

before photosNot long after we moved in, Chris took a sledge hammer to the tiny coat closet. The doors kept falling off, it was far too small to accommodate coats and jackets for our family of five and it blocked both the walking path and light from entering the room. Needless to say, I wasn’t sad to see it go, though at the time we didn’t have any plans for how we would remodel the mudroom. After living in the space for a while, we recognized our needs and I anxiously began planning! You can see how we altered the floor plan here, if you don’t judge my drafting skills…


updated layout…

This photo was taken with a REALLY wide angle lens when the house was listed. The book bag is hung on
127630_17.Jpg.the closet that we removed. 

Mudroom Ideas:

First and foremost, I wanted the mudroom to be safe and easy to maintain. We had brick floors installed to catch dirt, keeping it from the rest of our home. Our mudroom is a transition from the garage, so we often come in with wet shoes. The brick keeps the girls from slipping and adds a lot of much needed character to our home. It’s timeless, durable and easily vacuums clean.

brick floor

Another way we made the mudroom durable is that we had tongue and groove cedar walls installed in lieu of traditional drywall. They wipe clean and make our home feel warm from the moment you enter it.

Beautiful details that add character to your home

I used pieces of furniture rather than built-in storage so that our mudroom can transition with our family’s needs as the girls get older. The mudroom bench adds flexible seating for the girls to put their shoes on, which are stored in the basket below. I found the 3 drawer chest at an estate sale just around the corner and store spare keys, sunscreen, hats and accessories in it so that we can grab them quickly when we’re on the go.

Beautiful interior design ideas

Creating a functional and beautiful mud room that can easily transition with your lifestyle

making the most of your space with functional decorating ideas

Originally, we kept Dusty’s food and water bowls in our breakfast room. We had to go out to the garage to get his food, and into the kitchen to get his water. In addition, we would frequently kick them, spilling water on the wood floors. It just.wasn’t.working. Now Dusty’s food and water bowls are just outside of the powder room and his food is just across from them, making it far more convenient for the girls to lend a helping hand. It feels a lot less chaotic and if we do spill every now and then, I don’t have to worry about damage.

Home design blog - beautiful mudroom design ideas

Finally, we added hooks to hang coats, jackets, bags and Dusty’s leash. Since the wall is small, we staggered them so we can accommodate more during the cold, winter season. The mudroom is now my favorite room of our home.

making the most of your space with functional decorating ideas

upscale home decorating ideas

mudroom details - making the most of a small space

A few more details…

home decorating ideas

Shop this room:

Brick Floors | BenchBaskets | Crystal Door Knobs | Light Fixture | Cedar Walls | Picture | Light Switch Plates | {hooks are no longer available}


home decorating ideas

You can see our home {in progress} here. Thanks to Lowe’s for partnering with me on this project. As always, all ideas and opinions are my own.

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite room in your home? What do you love about it?

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  1. This is SO pretty and functional! I love the brick floors! I wouldn’t have ever thought to use brick, but it makes so much sense! 🙂

  2. It looks so beautiful! And brick floors are so great to maintain. Really lovely, Julie!

  3. Gorgeous!! I LOVE the baskets full of shoes under the bench– Great solution to keep from finding stray shoes all over the house.

  4. Are you currently accepting roommates? I want to live in this room!

  5. Beautiful Julie, just beautiful!! I too am a fan of mudrooms and when we moved to our current house, I had a closet removed and removed a doorway so we could have that mudroom area. And hooks – I am such a fan of hooks and yours are gorgeous!! Enjoy your space!!Jenny

  6. Love it!
    Can you share the colour of the wallpaint and trim?
    The light and light switch are so simple and classy.

  7. Beautiful!! Julie you nailed it!!!! The little itty bitty moccasins are adorable too:) I know you said the hooks are no longer available, but curious where you got them.

  8. Love the space! The brick floors are beautiful. I might have to do the same in my mudroom.

  9. I was wondering…is that brick floor warm or cold to walk on in sock feet?

  10. Beautiful! Where is the bench from?

  11. Beautiful! Is the bench an estate sale find as well? If not, would you mind sharing where you found it? I’ve been looking a bench for our entryway and that one looks perfect.

    • It’s from Lowe’s – there’s a direct link to the color I purchased at the bottom of the post for your convenience. I love it – it’s really durable and just the right size.

  12. Hi Julie! I’ve recently joined your blog and so happy that I found you. I love your style – it is simple and relaxed, yet has a touch of elegance – a winning combination.

    Can you tell me where you purchased your bench? I love it and I have been searching for just the right piece for my home.

    Thank you and keep the ideas flowing…

  13. Love how bright and inviting it looks. Kudos. What kind of dog is Dusty?

    • A mutt! We’re actually not sure, we adopted him from a shelter, but believe he is a shih-tzu mixed with a schnauzer or terrier. Thank you for your kindness! Have a beautiful day!

  14. I want to congratulate you on first deciding to remove that closet, which appears to have been an afterthought on the part of the builder and an impediment to movement through that area. That alone opened up everything. Thank goodness you have that little window there, which brings in pretty, natural light. Of course I love all of your finishes, but the fact that you removed that closet was ingenious. I love the floors. And the tiny moccasins made me smile. I wish you would do a post sometime on how you manage to have absolutely no junk in your house!

    • Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. It blocked the light, but I think at the time the thought on closets was the more, the merrier. I actually have lots of posts on how I organize/stay organized. If you ever have any specific questions, don’t hesitate! Just don’t look at my kitchen desk – eek!

  15. This brick flooring reminds me of my grandparents super old house I used to play in as a kid. What charm!!! I never would have thought of the brick flooring, but it looks so rustic. Loving the mudroom!

  16. LOVE this room…the floor! (ooooh)…the walls! (ahhhh). Outstanding design and styling.J

  17. I love that brick floor. It’s so unique and charming, as are the slated walls. I’d love to take off my boots here and stay awhile! 😉

  18. I have always loved brick floors but haven’t seen them in so long! Everything is synergistically beautiful!
    And my heart melted when I saw those gold moccasins! I still remember my son’s frog rainboots that he wore even in the summer and wish I would have held on them!

    • She’s quickly outgrowing them and after a few pair, she’s reached the max size they make. I feel like framing them! It’s the end of an era. I completely understand!
      Thank you! I wanted them to feel timeless and make our 70’s home feel “old”.

  19. Great job, Julie! Our last house had a mud room and once you’ve had one you don’t want to do without, so the house we just finished building has a small one too. Even as empty nesters it’s an important part of keeping our house clean and neat (great place to take those nasty golf shoes on and off 🙂

  20. Precioso recibidor, te ha quedado ideal.

  21. I really wish we had room for a mud room. It would make a HUGE difference during the winter with all of the wet shoes and clothes coming off at the front and back door. I love the concept of the brick floor as well! It looks beautiful!

  22. I love what you did with this space! We are just starting to look at ways to carve out a similar-use space, plus some other work. Great inspiration for me!

  23. I just love this! When we moved into our house, we created a faux mudroom space in the tandem garage space, but I dream of having a true, dedicated mud room. This is a beautiful place to come home to at the end of a day!

  24. I truly enjoyed reading this. You have made it such a welcoming a useful space but still very stylish.

  25. I like the color of your mud room walls. Please share the brand and color. Thanks!

  26. I simply adore this! When we moved into our home, we made a false mudroom space in the coupled carport space, yet I long for having a genuine, devoted mud room. This is a delightful spot to get back home to toward the end of a day!

  27. Hi Julie! Beautiful room! Where did you get the light fixture from?

  28. Wondering where you got those amazing hooks??? Beautiful everything!!

  29. Hi Julie! Could you share the size of the English Setter print? Thanks

  30. Hi, first of all, thank you so much for all your friendly and prompt responses to all my questions:). You have such a beautiful home!! Have a couple more questions for you;)
    So it sounds like you did tongue and groove here and not shiplap? Is there a reasoning why? They are so much alike, yet different! Trying to figure out which one to use for our mudroom:). Also did you install 8″ or 10″ boards? Thanks so much!

  31. Beautiful! I love your brick floors…and the cedar tongue and groove walls. It gives the room both timeless character and warmth.

  32. With your brick floors, did you use a special grout? It looks almost creamy! also did you paint a clear coat over it all for protection? I want this but want a simple cleanup with out scrubbing grout.. thank you for sharing such a beautiful room with us.

  33. Seriously this might be my favorite room I’ve ever seen!!!

  34. Lovely room!!! Where did you find those gold hooks!?

  35.  Love this whole mudroom!! Is the dresser with the marble top still on sale somewhere or was that a vintage find? Thanks!


  36. What a difference simply adding stylish switch plates can make! I installed the Hampton Bay architectural wood ones similar to those used in this mudroom throughout the house and love the look. Enjoyed the post and the ideas.

    5.0 rating

  37. You have a beautiful website but there are so many ads and pop-ups it’s hard to see the content.

    • I’m sorry, unfortunately ads are a necessary evil to support the site and generate revenue to create content. I appreciate you taking the time to share and will take it into consideration. Thank you for reading!

  38. What about that white grout in a mudroom ? I can’t understand how you would keep that from getting grotty. After all…it is a mudroom.

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