Get organized and add under sink storage systems that actually work! Get tips to organize your under sink cabinet, without a lot of time or expense.

These under sink storage ideas might be the easiest weekend organization project ever!

A white farmhouse kitchen sink with a brass faucet and flowers inside.
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I always embark on a lot of kitchen organizing after the holidays. So far I’ve shared our Kitchen Pantry, Refrigerator Organization and I still have so much more to come. 

I can’t believe it took me so long to take on the organization of our cabinet under our new farmhouse kitchen sink.

Whether you’re organizing an existing under sink cabinet or a new one, it’s one of the greatest home improvement projects you can do to add utility to your kitchen, without a DIY!

Under Sink Storage Ideas

Because I had never implemented any kind of storage system, this cabinet had gotten a little out of hand.

It happens to all of us, even if you’re a minimalist like me! I knew I needed to figure out a simple, inexpensive organization system that would be easy to keep up with.

This before photo left me asking myself “did I do that?” It’s painful to look at, let alone to find anything!

Looking inside a white farmhouse kitchen cabinet under the farmhouse sink.

But just look at this after image… what a difference less than an hour can make in your home! It’s so satisfying, isn’t it?

under sink cabinet with doors open, under a white farmhouse sink.

Organizing under the kitchen sink can be a challenge – especially if you have a large garbage disposal and pipes in the way. Ours boasts cleaning supplies, dishwashing tools and detergents and prior to organizing it, a few things that didn’t belong.

In fact, you’ll find ideas in this post from our current kitchen and our old one, too. There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to organize this often complicated space.

You can maximize your storage space with these easy tips.

under sink cabinet, one door open to show a basket filled with cleaning supplies.

Under Sink Storage Ideas

Design under sink storage to fit your space and needs by using various vessels like baskets and crocks. An under kitchen sink organizer is not a one size fits all.

It’s an odd shaped space and therefore there is not a one size fits all solution. Utilize these tips and resources to get yours organized.

Looking into the cabinet under a kitchen sink, under sink storage ideas like crocks full of cleaning supplies.

Stop by to read about how to add charm with a vintage-inspired Wall Sink for your laundry or utility room!

Tips to Organize the Under Sink Cabinet

  • Removing everything from your under sink cabinet allows you to assess what you have, what you need and where it belongs. Eliminate duplicates and misplaced items.
  • It’s a great opportunity to wipe it down and start fresh.
  • If your cabinet is dark, consider giving it a fresh coat of white paint. It helps you see what lies beneath.
  • Make the most of a cabinet door by using 3M hooks like we did here.
  • Install an under sink shelf, if needed.
  • If you have the space a tier expandable shelf organizer is also a great option for making a tiny space function.
  • Utilize a storage basket. It’s easy to pull out and keeps everything in place and standing upright. If you tote it around the house, consider a metal caddy with a handle. under sink storage ideas
  • Keep frequently used items above the kitchen sink. I keep dish soap (that doubles as hand soap) a dish scrubber and my cleaning spray on a tray next to the sink. Get all my best tips for kitchen counter organization here. kitchen sink organizer
  • Keep dish cleaning tools together. This increases efficiency and they can also look pretty in a little grouping! under kitchen sink organizer
  • Slim picks like this folding step stool add convenience without consuming space. under sink storage

Under Kitchen Sink Organizer – Using Everyday Accessories

Look to things you already have when you begin your organization project. After all, the goal is to minimize and organize, not create excess.

Repurpose caddies and baskets. Consider using extra vases, crocks, canisters or flower pots. The options are endless! Using everyday items also makes your under sink storage space pretty – which just may make doing chores a little more fun.

Should you want or need to shop, you can find all of my favorite organization and cleaning supplies on Amazon and in my shop!

You can see how I applied these same principles in our previous home with even more inexpensive solutions to maximize space.

Looking down into an organized under sink kitchen cabinet, striped rug in front.

The cabinet under our kitchen sink may have been the worst of our kitchen problem areas. So many tall bottles of cleaners that all too easily tip over and create a domino effect when attempting to reach just one.

The simple solution? Individual storage bins with handles.

Looking into an organized under sink kitchen cabinet, striped rug in front.

Inexpensive Under Sink Organizing Solutions

In this tiny kitchen space, I started by assessing what we had and what “category” they belonged in:

  • everyday cleaners
  • dishwasher/dishwashing
  • specialty cleaners
  • miscellaneous

I divided the products into four bins with handles purchased from the dollar store! The handles make the entire bin easily accessible to pull out if needed.

This is especially handy for my everyday cleaners. Having items in individual bins keeps items from falling over.

To organize the bins under the sink, I considered how I used each of the categories. The miscellaneous and specialty bins were placed in the back since they’re used infrequently.

The dishwashing bin was placed on the side of the dishwasher and the everyday cleaners bin on the right, since that’s where I gravitate when I open a cabinet and I’ll be using them most.

Looking into an organized under sink kitchen cabinet, striped rug in front.

I added hooks for our dish and bottle scrubbers, but used 3M Command hooks so that if our needs changed, I could remove and replace them, add more, etc, without leaving holes.

Cleaning tools hanging from 3m hooks inside the door of an under sink kitchen cabinet storage project.

I’d love to hear from you! Is your under sink cabinet as organized as you’d like? This is the easiest weekend organizing project to take on- you’ll feel so satisfied it might inspire you to take on even more!

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