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Tips and tricks for a functional, organized and beautiful linen closet.

How to organize a hall linen closet

I’m ridiculously excited to add function and organization to our home. After living in chaos for the past year and a half, we’re finally able to implement some storage solutions that make life a little less chaotic. The hall linen closet was dark (as was much of our home). Though small, it had a bi-fold door that fell off every time we tried to open it, posing a threat to the girls and our sanity!

Our linen closet like so many had collected a lot of things that didn’t belong there or that our family outgrew. You can see a glimpse of the closet in progress to the right in the below photo below.

get tips and ideas to update a hall with dark, dated doors

It was so bad that we rarely if ever used it, storing our sheets in laundry baskets and only forgotten bath toys in the hall closet. Over the summer we replaced the worn carpet with hardwoods for the hallway and more recently we had all of the doors in our home replaced, including the dreaded bi-folds.

Linen closets tend to be small in size and are anywhere between 12-24″ deep. This accommodates towels and sheets comfortably without allowing anything to get lost behind. However, because of their small size, it’s important to utilize them wisely to maximize function.

How to organize a hall linen closet

Tips for a Functional Linen Closet

  • A fresh coat of paint or a “white” backdrop sets everything apart. It reduces the risk of things getting lost, as they often do in a dark closet and allows everything to easily be seen. I highly recommend using a shade of white. You can find all of my favorite cream paint colors here. We used Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois for our hall linen closet.
  • Use adjustable shelving, if possible. This allows you to adapt your closet as your needs change. Maintaining the same width between your shelves is visually appealing.

Pretty hall linen closet ideas

What Should Go in a Linen Closet?

Everyone’s needs are different, especially depending on whether it’s in a hall or bath,  but typically a linen closet is suitable for:

  • bath towels and hand towels
  • sheets
  • extra pillows
  • extra blankets
  • toilet paper

Linen Closet Organization

  1. The first step to linen closet organization is to remove everything. This will allow you to see what you have.
  2. Eliminate excess. How many sets of sheets do you need? Two sets of sheets for each bed is often sufficient – one on the bed and one to rotate with.
  3. Eliminate anything that doesn’t belong (toys, anything that made its way there over the years).
  4. Store infrequently used items on the top shelf.
  5. Keep smaller items together in a basket.
  6. Organize linens by category keeping towels on a separate shelf from bedding.
  7. Use labels (like these bronze metal label holders with tiny nails) to decipher which sheets belong to which bed. (I cannot tell you how many times we’ve unfolded sheets only to discover that they weren’t the ones we were trying to change. That’s the risk you take when you don’t have licensed character sheets, I suppose.)
  8. Store sheets in sets with corresponding pillowcases or dedicate a space for them.
  9. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet like Martha.

Organize a hall closet with these easy tips from home blogger Julie Blanner

The linen closet is also a great place to store excess toilet paper and candles that aren’t in use. I know it seems simple, but I love our new hall linen closet and am unreasonably proud of it. It’s a good day when we can add a little more function to our home.

How to organize a linen closet

You can see more of our hall and linen closet before and after in the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!


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