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I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but I realized one of the most important things in our home seriously lacked organization over the holidays – our paint colors! So.many.creams.and.sheeens. I can hear my friend Megan from high school laughing now.

After Christmas, I decided that it was time to finish a few small projects and touch up the paint. So, I hired our trusty painter. He pulled a couple gallons of paint and asked me which one. In preparation for Ani’s birthday party and the usual chaos of our days, I said “this one”. I thought it had to be it. I should have looked at one of my posts because he painted the back corner of our home the wrong color and I have no one but myself to blame.

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In the fall, Chris organized all of our paints and for the most part I know each color and room by heart, but somehow something went awry. Each time our painter comes over I have anxiety that he’ll touch up with the wrong color, so I decided to create a paint color chart to organize them all and I thought you’d appreciate having a paint color chart as well.

You’ll find a column for the room, brand, color, sheen and notes. Yes, far worse things can happen, but in a world where I have a million balls in the air, I can rest knowing that I won’t continue running in circles around paint.

free printable paint color chart to keep track of all of your paint colors, sheens, etc

organize the paint colors in your home with this free printable paint color spreadsheet

I’ve been working on mine this week and as soon as I peel myself out from under my cozy throw on the sofa I’ll finalize it. You can see the picture above for a sample of the printable and how I’m using it. I plan to add the year paint was purchased in the notes section.

Download your complimentary Paint Color List here and find all of our paint colors here. I’ll be finalizing ours asap so that we don’t have any more mishaps. Here’s to a more organized {and less stressful} 2017!

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