Have a small kitchen? You don’t need a huge space to make an amazing impact. These small kitchen storage ideas are easy, affordable + FAST!

These tips, tricks and affordable organization sources are just what you need to get your kitchen clutter under control, once and for all.

You’ll find photos and ideas that will inspire you and take your small kitchen to a whole new level. Let’s get organized together!

off white kitchen with brass accents
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We’ve all been there. You’re living your best life… thinking your spaces are fairly organized. It happens suddenly, when you realize too much is piling up and the clutter becomes overwhelming.

That’s what happened in our lake cottage kitchen recently. Luckily, when we had the cabinets painted, new quartz countertops installed and added a new backsplash, it forced us to remove items and start fresh. We got down to business and added a few simple systems to keep us on track.

I’m so glad we made it happen, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite small kitchen storage ideas with you so you can make it happen, too! Throughout this post, you’ll see the lake cottage kitchen and our Kansas kitchen, as well – two small kitchen where we created clever storage spaces.

We’ve got 20 incredible small kitchen storage ideas you’re going to love. This post features a drop down table of contents menu so you can head to any category with ease- let’s get started!

A white kitchen with flower in the sink, brass faucet and white backsplash


Evaluate what you have and eliminate excess. Remove duplicates, expired goods and things you no longer use so they are not consuming precious space. Decluttering is always your first step when it comes to organizing any space in your home.

It’s so important! In fact, you can check out all my tips in this How to Declutter post, along with my handy decluttering checklist to help you get started.

Add Storage to Your Cabinet Doors

The inside of your cabinet doors is an often under-utilized area for storage, and one I’m a big advocate for.

In our Kansas colonial home, we updated our small white kitchen with paint and marble countertops. However, the items that made the biggest difference were things like organizing a baking cabinet and adding removable hooks!

A small kitchen storage idea of hooks inside a cabinet door.

Those hooks can hold things like measuring spoons, spatulas, pot holders and mixer attachments.

Maximize Drawer Space with Drawer Organizers

I have written extensively about the joys of drawer organizers! Click the link above and you’ll see an entire post dedicated to them – where we use them, the styles we love and why!

Drawer organizers can make an incredible impact in a small kitchen and help remove clutter from your countertops and cabinets! You can find drawer organizers that are knife blocks, traditional plastic or bamboo drawer inserts for flatware and more, dividers, and even spice rack inserts.

Maximize Cabinet Space

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re not wasting space is the addition of a lazy susan inside your cabinets.

These allow you to spin items like spices, oils and vinegars, and so much more. It prevents items from getting shoved into corners and lost forever!

Lazy Susan

Never fear the back of your cabinet again!

Use Hanging Storage

No room for those pots and pans? Why not hang them up?

We are lucky enough to have pull out drawers for pots and pans in one kitchen, but not so lucky at the lake! I love the look of this shelf and hook combo – so efficient.

Shelf and Hook Pot Rack

It’s a two in one storage system!

Create a Pantry with Cabinets

Neither our St. Louis classic kitchen or our lake kitchen have a walk-in pantry. While that sounds dreamy to me, it’s just not realistic for everyone’s space.

So, we have created pantry storage inside our cabinets, and it works beautifully for us.

kitchen pantry organization

Appliance Garage

Our old kitchen came with a wall convection oven… but we did not need a convection oven. Replacing it would have been too expensive and I am much more likely to use the microwave to soften butter in a pinch.

It was hardly worth the coveted countertop space. Same with the toaster. The solution? Create an appliance cabinet to hide appliances without compromising countertops. Read more about the appliance garage here.

A white kitchen with a diy appliance garage

Utilize Every Space

That means you can organize with baskets over your cabinets, under your sink and even in the corners of your kitchen. Use the space over your range for knife storage or pots and pans. Fill the skinniest cabinets with baking sheets and cutting boards – just use that space to the best of its ability!

Ensure that you’re using every space efficiently so nothing goes to waste.

Use Risers

Risers work beautifully for a variety of storage needs inside your cabinets. It helps you to see what you have and creates less waste because you won’t double up on items at the grocery store.

Use risers for items like spices, baking items like sprinkles and of course, canned goods.

Riser for Cans and More

Make the best use of that space!

Make the Most of Your Countertop

Assess what you utilized the most often and display it! (Canisters, knife block, tray for dishwashing essentials, canister for tools, cutting boards)


I have long sung the praises of basket storage in our homes! We use them everywhere because they are such functional, beautiful and textural items.

If your kitchen cabinets don’t go to ceiling, add baskets above for extra storage. Use them to wrangle food in your cabinets, or under your sink for cleaning supplies.

Set of Four Hyacinth Baskets

These even fold down for more efficiency when not in use!

Shelf Storage

Open shelves have been on trend for quite a while, and they are very practical for items you use frequently. Fit shelving into the smallest areas and use them to display dishes, serve ware, glassware.

Maximize Under the Sink Storage

This space can be difficult to organize, so choose flexible items like baskets or pull out drawers to utilize every inch of space!

under sink cabinet organized with baskets and tubs.
white stackable under sink storage unit

Stackable Under Sink Organizer

Double your storage using a drawer riser system under the sink.

Turn One Shelf Into Two

Just like the space under your sink, your cabinet shelving can be better utilized, too! Make space for items like plates, bowls, and even canned food with shelf risers.

Shelf Riser

Double your storage using shelf risers that fit seamlessly into your cabinets.

Plastic Shelf Riser

Clear and clean. You can see everything in your cabinets while doubling storage space.

Use Stackable Canisters

If your kitchen is like our lake kitchen, we don’t have a real pantry. We use a cabinet for food storage and we need it to be efficient, tidy and stackable!

Stackable Containers

Clear storage allows you to see everything you have while stacking effortless to maximize space.

Turn Drawer into Double Drawer

Much like a traditional drawer organizer, but double! Ensure that you’ll never overpack your drawers again with an incredible efficient double drawer insert for beautiful storage.

Double Drawer Insert

Stacked storage is incredibly functional without consuming additional space.

Organize Refrigerator

When you think about it, your refrigerator might be the biggest storage item in your entire kitchen! Learn how to organize it beautifully, and keep it that way, in the link above.

Hide Your Trash

Another particularly happy space saving kitchen feature in any home is a trash chute!

Does your kitchen share a wall with the garage? If so, it’s a candidate for this life saver. In three years, we never had to take out the kitchen trash in our Kansas home. Jealous? Well, you can laugh at us now.

a vintage champagne holder doubles as a utensil holder in this functional kitchen from julieblanner.com

Add a Rolling Island

Need a workspace but don’t have enough space for an island? Consider a cute, efficient rolling island. This can act as a side board or an island, depending on your needs.

Whether you’re chopping veggies or serving drinks, a rolling island in your small kitchen can make an awesome impact!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more storage in a small kitchen?

Use stackable storage items to ensure that you’re utilizing every inch of space available! Drawer organizers, lazy susans and shelf risers can all help with this.

How can I organize my small kitchen without cabinets?

If possible, add floating shelves and even a rolling island for additional storage.

How can I organize my small kitchen without a pantry?

Create a pantry in a cabinet! Even if you just use one side of a small kitchen cabinet, you can create all the storage you need with stackable storage materials and shelf risers.

Home blogger Julie Blanner's kitchen renovation


  • Living with less is the ultimate way to stay organized – learn how to become a minimalist in a few easy steps.
  • The best way to stay organized is to leave empty space for new items as they come in. If you have a system, you’re less likely to overwhelm that system!
  • All the organizational items in the world won’t help a space that holds too much. Declutter first, and then organize.

What are your favorite ideas for adding space to a small kitchen?

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  1. Awesome! Great transformation. After reading your article and got some awesome ideas, I’m now ready to transform our small kitchen into an awesome one. Thanks for the inspirations.

  2. I moved from a 20×20 kitchen with island and peninsula to a 10×10 kitchen but at least it has a walk-in pantry. We ordered a cabinet depth frig to save space. I plan on removing the small-ish kitchen window and putting in a larger one. Then taking out the cabinets between the window and the door and putting in open shelving. Will keep the toaster, blender and canning supplies in the pantry but I have to have my coveted Kitchenaide mixer on the counter. I put my cutting boards in a stand-up folder file in chrome. Have added spice racks on the inside of the cabinet doors. And since it’s just 2 of us we’ve really cut down on dishes. Used to have setting for 12, now keep 6 (for company-hah). Living out in the sticks we don’t get too much company.

    1. I love the idea of using a file folder for cutting boards, very creative! It’s rewarding to find unique ways to make your kitchen function for you!

  3. Love the white cabinets Julie! So which I could use this colour for the cabinets in my home but maintenance is such a problem. Do you have any tips on maintaining the whites in our homes?

    1. My philosophy is that in the kitchen, you want to keep it clean rather than disguise any “dirt”. A white kitchen helps you keep it clean. I used a semi-gloss on the cabinets which wipe easily, when needed!